Remembering Karen


To The Editor,

In recognition of the passing of Karen Kukolich, I wanted to share my respect and admiration for this amazing woman. As a physical therapist in private practice, I will forever be in awe of what Karen accomplished in our profession. Karen was a pioneer in the physical therapy world. Karen started her private practice in the days when opening up a physical therapy private practice was not common and especially for a female to do this (back in the day) is amazingly impressive. Karen’s worked as a physical therapist was full of wisdom, experience and empathy. I believe the best PT’s are those who possess the most empathy for those they serve. After all of Karen’s many injuries and surgeries, she absolutely had empathy for those who were in pain and needed help recovering from injuries. I feel connected with Karen as our professional paths were similar; we both debuted at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, moved on to the VNA (Vineyard Nursing Association) then to private practice. Karen had her private practice on Winter Street in Edgartown for many years, and then completed her career on Upper Main Street, Edgartown. Now that my practice has relocated (very near her last office) I feel compelled to continue Karen’s legacy to heal and to serve the community we both love. Karen was a trailblazer in the physical therapy private practice realm and a woman to honor. I am so sorry we have lost such a remarkable individual. Best to you Karen as you move on to your next adventure. Let us all live by your words of wisdom “Live right and exercise.” Deepest condolences to all those she loved and who loved her.

Susan Sanford

Vineyard Complementary Medicine