Something new in the mix

Myx Market offers eco-friendly, healthy options in a family operation.


There is truly something special about a local neighborhood market. I have found these places to be right at the soul of the community, stocked with everything from the warm cup of coffee a worker depends on to start the day to the gallon of milk that Mother forgot she needed, to the handful of lollipops that child saved his allowance for all week. While it seems like the rest of this country is fueled on Walmart and Amazon, our little Island has preserved the comradery and sustainability of the small local market. 

Myx Market in Edgartown was built on the foundation of being a convenience market that doesn’t have to inconvenience the environment. Featuring eco-friendly, nontoxic small market items, and a health-conscious menu year-round, this bakery-cafe-convenience store has it all, at a fraction of the high cost unfortunately associated with these types of goods. Emily Little describes Myx Market as a “family-powered enterprise,” including herself in business development and her younger sister as the “resident retail all-star.” Her mother, Carol Little, works in tandem with the executive chef from the Newes from America Pub to create a menu to accommodate various palates and diets, with particular focus on vegan, vegetarian, and allergen-sensitive cuisine. Emily’s father and Kelley House’s general manager and CEO, Scott Little, lends his decades of experience in hospitality management and property development, making the big idea of Myx Market a Little family affair. 

The shelves are stocked with fresh produce, healthy snacks, and eco-friendly toiletries such as biodegradable bandages and bamboo toothbrushes. Locally made products are represented as well, with items such as blended salts by M.V. Sea Salt and canned shiitakes from Martha’s Vineyard Mycological. The beverage coolers are stocked with a variety of drinks packaged exclusively in recyclable containers. The bakery case is full of freshly made pastries, which pairs beautifully with the wide variety of coffees and teas. The market was bustling, but the brightness of the aesthetic, the freshness of the products, and the friendliness of the staff turned the average convenience store chaos into a comforting atmosphere. 

If the green and family-grown initiative aren’t enough to entice you through the Myx Market doors, I have one word for you: Pizza. Not the grease-dripping, waistline-expanding stuff you’re used to, though. This pizza is built on a cauliflower crust, and can be completely plant-based with a vegan cheese ($2 upcharge) option, as well. There are a number of specialty pizzas on the menu, as well as the build-your-own option. I went for the classic Margarita Pizza ($12), because, in my opinion, the measure of true culinary expertise is found in the execution of the basics. The crust had a light flavor and crispy consistency, which went perfectly with the tangy sauce, creamy “cheese” and fresh basil leaves. I most definitely would have devoured all 10 inches of that pizza out of the Greenbox (multi-use pizza box, as seen on that TV show “Shark Tank”) had I not also ordered a Berry Beet Smoothie ($10). Beet, blueberry, mango, oat milk, lime juice, fresh mint, and honey make for a perfectly fresh and velvety libation packed with a day’s worth of antioxidants. You can taste the thoughtfulness that went into this blend, which was confirmed when Emily described herself and the rest of the team as becoming “smoothie-fatigued” while tirelessly perfecting this section of the menu. It was worth it, because I don’t think I could ever get sick of the wonderful flavor and texture. 

The menu also features a number of salads, sandwiches, soups, and breakfast all day. I was told the team is working on a veggie chili to warm up the winter months, so I will definitely be back to give that a try, alongside some avocado toast. 

As I perused the aisles, I pictured a cute little family grabbing the essentials before they head off to the south coast on a warm summer day, or a gathering of locals warming up with their afternoon cups of coffee after decorating the town for the holiday season. The Myx Market embodies all that the Vineyard cCommunity believes in — healthy, sustainable, locally supported, and eco-friendly foods and goods, year-round and accessibly priced. The world needs more places like this in the mix. 

Myx Market, 23 Kelley St., Edgartown. 508-627-6324,