Tisbury: I’ve been waiting for a tree to fall


Heard on Main Street: There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works.

I’ve been waiting for a tree to fall. Well, it started to fall a couple of weeks ago. You remember those big winds and heavy rains. Then the winds stayed another day, and tried to blow over a very tall pine in front of my house. There was a terribly loud crack, but no sign of anything on the tree trunk. Instead, it was in the middle of a big root. The root would not let go, so the tree was leaning at a 45° angle. I was told, “It should be OK if we don’t get more heavy wind.” 

There was so much damage on the Island, and so many people in more danger, that we are still waiting for it to be removed. It has a straight shot to take out all the power on this street, so I am a bit nervous about that. But I can hope it won’t hit my car or the house. 

At least when another heavy rain fell, the root took firmer hold, and raised the tree back up slightly. Not enough that it is safe, but enough so it didn’t come down in the next set of heavy winds. Now I am waiting to see how long it holds on. 

My friend Joan Druett wrote a book called “In the Wake of Madness,” telling the heroic story of Capt. Benjamin Clough during the mutiny on the whale ship Sharon. I emailed Joan in New Zealand to tell her that John Clough will be at the Oak Bluffs library on Saturday, Nov. 9, at 2 pm, talking about his ancestor. He will be joined by Paul Magid, who is collecting data to write a biography of Capt. Clough, who was a very successful shipmaster after that mutiny. 

On Sunday, Nov. 10, enjoy the Artisans Fair at the Hebrew Center. Over 18 artisans will be selling their wares, including pottery, sculpture, and clothing. You can also choose from jewelry, wood carving boards, paintings and photographs, and more. This sounds like a shopping treat for the holidays. Stop by and choose something special made on the Island. That’s 10 am to 3 pm at the Hebrew Center on Center Street, this Sunday. 

Join author Chantel P. Walls for a discussion as she reads excerpts from her latest book, “The Perfect Image in an Imperfect World.” This is a book of poetry, a beacon of light and life, sharing an unforgettable emotional and spiritual journey to self-discovery. She will be at the Vineyard Haven library on Sunday, Nov. 10, from noon to 1 pm.

Will you put out your flag for Veterans Day? I am easily confused. We always called it Armistice Day, and it was on Nov. 11. Then everything changed. And almost all the holidays were moved to Mondays. So for once, we get to celebrate the holiday on the proper day. I just hope we won’t see Thanksgiving changed to a Monday as well.
If you can, I hope you will show up early to help put out all the flags for Veterans Day. The veterans need your help in the morning, and again to take them down in the afternoon at Oak Grove Cemetery. 

The Vineyard Haven library will be closed for Veterans Day on Monday, Nov. 11. For Thanksgiving, the library will close early, at 1 pm, on Wednesday, Nov. 27, and remain closed on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 28 and 29. The library will be open regular hours on Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.

I am so pleased for the Washington Nationals. Years ago we lived in the area, and the local team were almost considered amateurs. We only went a few times a year, mostly for the days when the older players would return. But they always worked hard, and just seemed to not quite be able to do it. I love the fact that they not only won, but won it in the seventh game. Of course, it was amazing as well that every game was won by the visiting team. For baseball which delights in its statistics, this last was a new achievement as well. What a delightful ending to a World Series. 

I was especially happy about the Nationals winning the trophy because someone had told me the Astros won, and they were winning when I had to go to bed during the game. 

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Buffy Hanschka. Wish the best next Wednesday to Katie Davey as she celebrates. 

Heard on Main Street: Time is like a snowflake; it disappears while we’re trying to decide what to do with it.