Nov. 7, Carol Baker Suggs sold 499 North Rd. to Joan F. Baker and Laurel L. Walker for $65,616.67.


Nov. 8, Abigail F. Howland, trustee of the Revocable Trust Agreement of Abigail F. Howland, sold 94 Menemsha Crossroad to Mary E. Larsen, trustee of the Mary E. Larsen 2016 Revocable Trust, for $710,000.



Nov. 4, Georgiana Greenough sold 1 Martha’s Rd. to Michael A. Cassidy Sr. for $947,000.


Nov. 5, Charles T. Schulze sold 36 Morse St. to Isobel Brooker Case for $4,113,000.


Nov. 8, Farview MV Property LLC sold 57 Butlers Cove Rd. and an unnumbered lot on Butlers Cove Rd. to Beach Farm LLC for $3,000,000.


Nov. 8, Farview MV Property LLC sold 61 Butlers Cove Rd. to Beach Farm LLC for $10,000,000.


Oak Bluffs

Nov. 7, Diane M. St. Pierre sold 6 Hitchings Circle to Elizabeth Maclellan and Timothy McHugh for $545,000.


Nov. 8, Kin K. Lee and Beatrice L. Wright-Lee, trustees of the Wright-Lee Family Trust-2018, sold Unit 32, 21 Island Inn Rd., to Harrison Rayford for $175,000.


Nov. 8, Samimah Aziz sold Unit 202, 2 Pennacook Ave., to Jennifer Long for $200,000.


Nov. 8, Carole R. Didomenico and Frank Didomenico, trustees of 19 Bayes Hill Road Trust, sold 19 Bayes Hill Rd. to Luiz I. Martinez for $849,000.



Nov. 6, Darlene A. Marashlian, trustee of the Darlene A. Marashlian Living Trust, sold 20 Elm St. to Ramon Carvalho for $800,000.


West Tisbury

Nov. 6, Jill M. Haselman, a.k.a. Jill M. Turley, sold 74 Pond Rd. to Philip Kantoff and Lorelei Ann Mucci for $1,325,000.


Nov. 6, William A. Lowell, trustee of Homer Watcha Trust, sold Lot 1, 280 Big Homers Pond Rd., to 3MC LLC for $1,800,000.