Nov. 14, Leslie B. Shea, trustee of 69 Putnam Vineyard Realty Trust, sold 69 Putnam Rd. to Marilyn H. Vukota, trustee of North View Realty Trust, for $3,500,000.


Nov. 14, Cynthia L. Cornwell sold 31 Tea Ln. to Paul A.S. Deruyter and Marilyn B. Deruyter, trustees of the Cedar Farm Realty Trust, for $825,000.



Nov. 14, Cynthia A. Hendelman sold 17 Flamingo Dr. to Marie Lomibao and Dante O. Lomibao for $775,000.


Nov. 15, Shirley H. Cartier and David Cartier sold 27 Cormorant Cir. to Elaina Machado De Almeida for $729,500.


Nov. 15, 20 West Street LLC sold 20 West St. to Peter J. Keel and Allison L. Keel for $3,900,000.


Nov. 15, Phyllis Saraceno, trustee of the Phyllis Saraceno Revocable Trust, sold Unit G2, 497 Katama Rd., to Columbia Partners LLC for $950,000.


Nov. 15, ACW LLC sold Unit B-8, 467 Katama Rd., to Gregory W. Solomon and Kathryn D. Solomon for $744,000.


Oak Bluffs

Nov. 12, Laurie H. Brooks sold 31 Tuckernuck Ave. to Kristen M. Danforth and Ethan J. Diamond for $1,020,000.


Nov. 15, Peter Myette and Sandra Rivera sold 16 Prospect Ave. to Phillip Isom IV and Anne Williams-Isom for $929,000.




Nov. 12, Robert Lonadier and Wendy Lonadier sold Unit 12, 222 Sandpiper Ln. to Ellen B. Mason and Henry L. Mason for $735,000.


Nov. 15, Derek M. Olsen, Lixin Z. Olsen, Stacia J. Chuairy, and Raymond M. Chuairy sold 126 Franklin Ter. to Francois Gautier and Jennifer Gautier for $597,000.


West Tisbury

Nov. 12, Scott Gerstmar, trustee of Gerstmar Family Nominee Trust. sold 53 Nip & Tuck Ln. to Jess Patrick Dailey for $875,000.


Nov. 12, Nancy-Alyce Abbott and Brian W. Abbot Sr., trustees of the Brian W. Abbott Sr. 2018 trust and the Nancy-Alyce Abbott 2018 Trust, sold 60 Bartimus Luce Rd. to Minawetu LLC for $3,425,000.


Nov. 13, Herbert W. Moody, trustee of the Herbert W. Moody 2016 Trust, and Elizabeth C. Bassett, trustee of the Elizabeth C. Bassett 2016 Trust, sold 143 Old Holmes Hole Rd. to Old Holmes Hole Road LLC for $940,000.


Nov. 15, Michael M. Boardman, trustee of the Carol B. Craven 2012 Trust, sold 36 Music St. to Michael A. Patti and Nicole Lamy for $900,000.