Poet’s Corner


Welcome back to the Poets’ Corner. This month’s theme was “gratitude.” The theme for December will be “2019.” Please submit poems that look back on this year (with humor, pathos, anger — whatever you choose!) to ldroosevelt@gmail.com



Gratitude Schmatitude


Gratitude Schmatitude

November blows.

To the west and the east, the world has woes. 

The sun takes leave.

The leaves fall down.

And so does my neighbor, old Mrs. Brown.

The family fights.

The turkey is dry.

Trump is still president.

Why, oh why? 

My hands are cold.

My toes turned blue.

It’s not even December, and I have the flu.

Gratitude Schmatitude.

I need a new attitude.

The earth still spins.

And babies are born.

So why do I feel so forlorn? 


–Kate Feiffer


Kate Feiffer is a writer and illustrator, and the event producer for Islanders Write, an MV Times event. 


One Purpose


Grace cast a golden net

the day you were born, 

Securing all that was now to be essential

into one purpose. Each soft fold of my skin

is now a nest for your tiny glory, 

a tender cavern to hold the moist droplets

of your breath. New one, how I relish

your scent, the fragrance of tart milk 

wisps of your hair like the finest angels’ down.

Sleep now as your journey will start

with my worship, my abundant care

for your needs. I promise to sow

your seedling heart with all that is loving.

I promise to teach you hope with my smile,

selfless with my gaze. Through you

I see a mirror to heaven, the creator planted

his gift within the walls of my womb.

I am now a holy vessel.


–April Simone Knight


Raised on Martha’s Vineyard, April Knight is a licensed mental health clinician and doctoral candidate of international psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.