Announcing the VIBE Business Accelerator


The Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Seidman Investment Portfolios and Featherstone Center for the Arts, is pleased to announce the VIBE Business Accelerator. According to a press release, “The VIBE Business Accelerator mini-course will empower new and existing Island small businesses to think strategically, enabling them to become more resilient and strengthen the fabric of a healthy Island economy,” said Nancy Gardella, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce.

A natural next step from the Perfect Pitch MV and Mentor Program, the course will combine classroom and peer learning for an intensive and focused experience. Instructor Kate Putnam is trained in a lean startup methodology, has taught similar courses for Interise, and has mentored small businesses and startups throughout New England. “The curriculum is specifically designed for the small Island business owner who is dedicating all their time and energy to the day-to-day operations. They often don’t have the time, or skill set, to step back, think strategically, speak with experts in a variety of fields to ascertain trends and projections, and then develop specific SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based) goals for their business,” said Putnam. 

All Island-based small business owners are encouraged to visit for more information and an application. Deadline for applications is Dec. 13. 

This program is sponsored in part through the generosity of the Martha’s Vineyard Bank Charitable Fund and Featherstone Center for the Arts.