Two finalists vie for Owen Park Bandstand design


A design competition to rebuild the Owen Park Bandstand in Vineyard Haven has been narrowed down to two competitors. The planning board is expected to interview the two finalists at a meeting scheduled for Monday, Dec. 9, at 11 am.

The two finalists are Paul Lazes and Keith Moskow of Moskow Linn Architects.

Moskow’s design features a translucent fiberglass sheathing with Douglas fir timbers, while Lazes designed a more rounded gazebo with a copper roof and green posts.

The town opened up the competition to get ideas on the bandstand with the hopes of getting it rebuilt in time for the town’s 350th anniversary celebration in 2021. At a session in September, the plans were presented, and the public was able to cast their ballots.


  1. just my personal opinion, but I like Paul’s better. It seems more in character with the architecture of the town.

  2. I do not see why the current gazebo could not be duplicated. That having been said, I’d rather have the Lazes’ design over the Shinto palace. “In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree”. But not in Vineyard Haven.

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