Felix Neck receives solar grant

Suzan Bellincampi standing in front of the solar array that was installed in 2008 at Felix Neck.

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary has received a $30,000 matching grant from TernSolar that could help achieve the goal of the sanctuary being net-zero for energy consumption.
The grant is a challenge grant from the Tern Foundation that will allow a second solar array to be installed on the equipment barn room at Felix Neck, according to a press release. “We believe this grant will get us there,” Josey Kirkland, education manager at Felix Neck, told The Times.

The sanctuary hasn’t gone a full year with its education and camp operating year-round, so there are still some unknowns about energy consumption, Kirkland said. “This could get us to net-zero,” she said. “We’re pretty stoked about being able to continue toward that goal. We’re thrilled about this generous grant from TernSolar.”

The first solar array was built at the sanctuary in 2008, and Felix Neck has been operating its education and conservation programs for more than 50 years, according to the release.
There have been recent efforts in “greening the facility and operations, with a renewed focus on climate education initiatives for youth and adults,” the release states.
Felix Neck has until the summer of 2020 to get the matching $30,000.

Those matching funds will be earmarked to support the climate education activities of Felix Neck, Suzan Bellincampi, the executive director, said in the release. She pointed to a Youth Climate Summit held last spring, and the community Climate Cafes that are held at Felix Neck, which are among the programs that the grant will help to fund going forward.

For information about Felix Neck’s Youth Climate Initiatives, the Tern Foundation’s TernSolar Challenge Grant, or Felix Neck’s solar installations, go to massaudubon.org/felixneckforever or contact Suzan Bellincampi at sbellincampi@massaudubon.org or 508-627-4850.