Sad to be reminded of intolerance


To the Editor:

Sad to know that in the 21st century that homophobia is still prevalent in our small community (“Homophobic decals affixed to Vineyard churches,” Dec. 4). 

Sad to think that the only defense homophobes have is their interpretation of the Christian Bible that was assembled in 317-337 A.D. and misinterpreted ever since. Sad to think that those who deface private and public property to try and get their point across about how people should live their lives show complete intolerance to what life and love are about.

You who did this, you know who you are. Are you so unaware of people around you? I am one of those. I sit on the bus, the plane, the train, on the ferry next to you. I serve you coffee, I cut your lawn, I am your accountant, I’m your doctor. I help your family in need, I laugh at your jokes, I shake your hand. A lot of times I am your friend, and you don’t know.

And I don’t judge you. I will always try to put out my hand in kindness.

Dana Hodsdon
Vineyard Haven