Dec. 9, Michael Lipkin and George Lipkin, trustees of the Agreement of Trust FBO Lisa Lipkin and Michael Lipkin, sold 12 Milikin Way to Nicholas M. Anderle and Jodi L. Anderle for $11,600,000.


Dec. 10, Vincent E. Lisanti and Ann L. Kisanti sold 8 Plains Court to Celia A. Colbert and Frederick J. Watts for $1,725,000.


Dec. 10, Amy McGrath sold Unit 12, 17 Winter St., to Norman N. Rankow, and Margaret J. Rankow, trustee of the Jam Family Trust, for $446,500.


Dec. 11, Salt Box Investments LLC sold 204 Upper Main St. to Kismet Properties LLC for $830,000.


Dec. 13, Damien S. Breier and Hilary S. Breier sold 71 South Water St. to Lynda Denise Slaughter and Diane Mary Zvara for $6,300,000.


Dec. 13, Michael P. Senatore and Anne M. Senatore sold 59 Old Purchase Rd. to Hollis McLaughlin and Kimberlee Labonte for $743,000.


Dec. 13, MV Properties LLC sold Unit A4, 459 Katama Rd., to Matthew B. Wiener and Jennifer H. Wiener for $797,500.

Dec. 13, Merrill K. Langley and Jamie E. Langley sold 7 Flamingo Dr. to Nancy Nachbar for $972,500.


Oak Bluffs

Dec. 10, Kyle S. Gatchell and Jennifer S. Gatchell sold 22 Windy Hill Rd. to Daniel Ross and Sharma Austin Ross for $590,000.



Dec. 11, Andon P. George and Paula K. McCreedy sold 218 Lake St. to Timothy J. Murtha and Lou Ann Bruno-Murtha for $915,000.


Dec. 13, Peter E. Flynn and Laura Grace Flynn sold Unit 27 Vineyard Harbor Hotel to Michael Battista and Samantha Battista for $95,000.


West Tisbury

Dec. 9, Lulia Vanhall, a.k.a. Julia Linz-Vanhall, sold 31 Millstone Ln. to Robin Liotta, Jess Liotta, and Johah Kaplan-Woolner for $892,500.