Airport, Chilmark have different needs


To the Editor:

I would like to compliment the Chilmark selectmen for choosing Keenan + Kenny as the architects for the new town fire station.

I worked closely with K+K during the fire station and snow removal building project at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport. They faced a very difficult task when they were hired, since the project had lingered for three years, and was grossly over budget and years behind schedule. This was the point at which Myron Garfinkle and I were first appointed as airport commissioners. The FAA gave us three months to design a building on budget. Working with K+K, we decided to use the O.B. fire station design as the starting point, and then make modifications necessary for the airport’s requirements. The design was completed on time and at the target cost. K+K worked closely with Geoff Freeman, the airport’s assistant manager, and the building contractor during the construction phase. The building today is beautifully functional, and has increased the safety at the airport as well as providing shelter for the all the airport’s various trucks. This was all accomplished without using any local funds.

As for Selectman Doty’s uninformed criticism of the building at the airport, he should have taken the time to actually tour it. If he had, he would have seen how well it works and how necessary all the space is. The airport’s fire apparatus is significantly larger than Chilmark’s, and the snow removal equipment is also very large. In addition, the exterior of the building was designed to fit in with the existing terminal building. Comparing what Chilmark needs for its fire station versus the airport’s needs is absurd.

I would be happy to give Mr. Doty a tour of the building.


Bob Rosenbaum, chair

Martha’s Vineyard Airport Commission