Chilmark Chocolates: One


I may not have known you as long as some

but my heart melted in my mouth

first time we met at the little house of chocolate

down State Road just past the local precinct


Malcolm Campbell introduced me to you

on the ferry before my Chilmark days

he sidled up to say hi greeting my dogs

shared his story of Chilmark Chocolates

his loss was our gain


now we must say thank you

accept farewell to all the chocolate elves

farewell to slipping a tasty treat into our mouths

farewell to eyeing our favorites behind the glass


mine were the bags of Sunday butter crunch toppings

assorted odd and end pieces, caramel nut chews, dipped caramel

or nuts alone, now alone with memories

boxes preserved for celebration holidays and all those friends


who served us with smiles waiting while decisions were made

changed chocolate oh chocolate from Chappy Chews

to Squibnockets we will dream of the days

you melted in our mouths


sharing your chocolate lore with our children’s children

our ways joys become old stories can you taste smell

more than a memory stirring up the warm shroud

of family summer vacations winter candy refuge in a storm


Chilmark Chocolates have traveled by post by car by foot

by horse by plane packed in suitcases bubble wrap fine paper

plastic bags silken ribbons or the standard

gold elastic over semi-gloss white stock


seasonal for holidays their name on top or inside

nothing shipped and were shut most of August

a winter month after Easter tomorrow is their last day

I can’t bare to return and missed my rainy day chance

thinking of umbrellas fishing gear mucks waiting


in line grateful for all those morsels

sometimes in guilt otherwise just the antidote

yes chocolate especially down the road

in a house one way in one way out my heart always melted


By Valerie Sonnenthal

Valerie Sonnenthal lives in Chilmark with her husband and two dogs, writes the Chilmark town column and is a regular contributor to the MV Times, and is a member of the Cleveland House Poets. She owns Peaked Hill Studio where she offers Sound Healing and Kaiut Yoga.