Edgartown: The rapid passage of time


Happy New Year. I don’t know about you, but I cannot believe that it was 20 years ago that we were all worried about what our computers were going to do during the Y2K scare. Twenty years. How is that possible? Equally frightening is the note I saw the other day that pointed out that 1970 was 50 years ago. I could have sworn that was just a few years ago. I’m simply in awe of the rapid passage of time, particularly as I get older. 

Speaking of the year 2020, have you seen that experts are suggesting that you not abbreviate it on your checks and important paperwork? For example, you should write it out like 1/14/2020 or Jan. 14, 2020, instead of 1/14/20. Apparently there is concern that people can doctor the year to read 2015 or 2018 and backdate things. It could be a nonissue but it seems like a pretty good suggestion just to be careful.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve celebration, if you do that kind of thing. As we are heading back into “the Roaring Twenties,” I saw parties along that theme in various places. That seems like it would have been fun. Whatever you did, even if it was staying home and relaxing, I hope it was fun.

This was a super-long winter holiday break for the schools. We had two full weeks off, and it seemed like it. I’m not one to complain about time off, but this was a long one. Coming back to school today was tough. Setting an alarm and having to function like a normal person was a challenge. And even after all these years, I still have jitters after a long break from the classroom, like I might have forgotten how to do it in that time. I’m happy to say that it’s like riding a bike, and we jumped right back in with smiles and a renewed energy.

Have you heard the news that Phil Craig’s Martha’s Vineyard Mystery books are being made into TV movies for the Hallmark Channel? The first one, “A Beautiful Place to Die,” will air on Sunday night at 8 pm on the Hallmark Channel, which is apparently Channel 738 on Island Comcast, 565 on Direct TV, and 187 or 9444 on Dish Network. I’m looking forward to watching. Phil’s son, Jamie, has been helping with some of the production details, and it’s a bit of excitement for the family to get a chance to see it and be a part of it. While some shots were filmed on the Vineyard, you might not recognize a lot of the scenery, as the bulk of the movie was filmed in Canada. I’m sure Phil is getting a chuckle at all of this excitement over his books. 

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Deanna Laird, Lizzie Williamson, and Tom Sawyer, on Jan. 5, Jeffrey Enos, Lindsay Medeiros, and Ashley Waters on Jan. 6, and Becky Minnich on Jan. 11.

The Edgartown School PTA is holding a new fundraiser, a Wild West Glow Run, hoping to raise $10,000 for new equipment and grants for the school. On Jan. 24, kids will run laps around the gym to raise money. So starting tomorrow, they can start their fundraising. Don’t be surprised if an Edgartown student asks you to sponsor them for this fun event.

It’s time to think about registering your kids for kindergarten. Registration packets will be available in the front office of the school beginning on Thursday, Jan. 9.

Thank you for your good thoughts and wishes about my Riley enlisting in the Marine Corps. It’s a real mix of emotions, especially given our current circumstances in the Middle East. It’s odd to have a mix of pride, love, sadness, and fear. And gosh, do I miss him. Phone calls are not permitted, but I’ve received a few letters, and I’ve written some crazy amount, a dozen or more maybe, to him. Old school letter writing is still a thing, and it’s interesting. I can “hear” him in his letters, which is pretty cool. So far, he’s doing well and is content with his choice, so I’m happy for him. But I’m sure looking forward to graduation.

We’re officially in the doldrums of winter now here on M.V., our version of hibernation. We will spend the next few months hunkered down, facing whatever winter brings us, maybe traveling over the school vacations, regaining our energy for our next spring and summer on our little Island. Were it not for the winter weather, I’d rejoice in this quiet time. But I’m trying to be accepting of winter, focusing on the gifts it brings us rather than the cold temps, gray skies, and (please no) snow. If I can just keep my shoulders from instinctively and constantly tensing up in a permanent shrug around my ears against the cold. I’m such a wimp.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead. Happy New Year. I’m not a resolution maker, but I have promised myself to try to be my best self in 2020. I plan to eat better, exercise more, be kinder, love more, laugh louder, help others, do good deeds, listen more, talk less, and rejoice in my family and friends. It’s not an earth-shattering plan, but it’s pretty good. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2020.