Motion pictures

Pathways will feature dance in this month’s art exhibit.


The month of January is dedicated to dance at the Pathways Gathering Space in Chilmark. On Jan. 11 and 12, the arts organization will host its first CinemaDance Film Festival with screenings of films from around the world with a focus on dance.

Appropriately, the gathering space will feature dance-related visual art throughout the month. Hanging on the walls will be work by photographer Sally Cohn, embellished photos by Valerie Sonnenthal, and block prints on polystyrene by Keren Tonnesen. A slideshow of images by Dena Porter will also be on display.

Sally Cohn has been dancing for over 70 years. As a dancer and choreographer, she has a unique perspective on dance, and an eye for movement, space, and light that allows her to capture that perfect defining moment. Her work has been seen in the New York Times and hanging in galleries in Europe and elsewhere.

Cohn will exhibit a selection of her photos that capture a range of dance, from the classic to the highly experimental. Among others are an image of the dancer Eiko crouching in front of a gas pump. The photo was taken during the dancer’s site-specific piece “A Body in Menelaus,” performed as part of the Yard’s season in 2016. Another very dramatic shot shows Broadway actor and dancer André De Shields posed in front of an American flag, holding up a set of shackles. This image was also from a Yard performance. Cohn’s image of a female dancer with yards and yards of rope swinging from her body and piled up on the floor at her feet can be found as a print as well as on a silk tunic, part of the photographer’s new line of wearable art with silk-screened images. Cohn is now offering tunics, kimonos, bags, and pillows with her images.

Valerie Sonnenthal has been involved in the dance world since 1979, when she was given full access to rehearsals of dancers from the Ken Rinker Company in New York City. For two years she sat in on rehearsals and drew and photographed the dancers. At Pathways she will be showing a variety of images created during that time, including hand-colored black-and-white prints, and a variety of mixed-media work, including constructions made of connected photos sewn onto Mylar, along with an impressive shadowbox piece incorporating a number of folded three-dimensional images. All the work that Sonnenthal is showing has never been exhibited before.

For years Keren Tonnesen created clothing with her own images transferred onto the fabric with hand-carved blocks. She will show a sampling of the original polystyrene blocks, which have acquired a rich textural patina of color from the many different hues of paint she used for the design work. The prints show highly stylized images of dancers on what looks almost like a stone background.

Photographer Dena Porter’s work will be presented as a digital slideshow that will run during events at the Pathways space. Porter’s photography is informed by her career as a sociologist and an education administrator. Her work has been exhibited in Asheville, N.C., New York City, and Martha’s Vineyard. Porter is also a freelance photographer for the Martha’s Vineyard Times.

Also currently on display at Pathways are examples of the work of ceramicist Jill Gross, who creates fanciful sculptural pieces featuring dragons and other imaginary beasts in colorful patterns and glazes.


The exhibit will hang through Feb. 1 at the Pathways Gathering Space, 9 State Rd., Chilmark. Pathways Art CinemaDance film festival will take place on Jan. 11 and 12.