Masons offered festive event


To the Editor:

Thank you for highlighting so many wonderful, philanthropic holiday events this year. Another touch of Island magic was the annual Holiday Community Dinner provided by the Oriental Masonic Lodge of Martha’s Vineyard on Christmas Day. The dinner was free and open to all!

The Brotherhood, with food partnerships from Cronig’s, Morning Glory, and Edgartown Meat & Fish, worked diligently for days to stock, prepare, and cook a traditional meal of appetizers, turkey, ham, vegetables, and all the trimmings, including festive desserts. The dinner, which was cooked in the Lodge kitchen, was about as homemade as they get. Comfortably seated in the festive Lodge dining room, guests were from all walks and stages of life, united in purpose to share a holiday meal.

While helping to serve dinner with a team of volunteers, it was noted that the holiday atmosphere and cheer was palpable among the guests, as they renewed friendships and made new ones with fellow diners, volunteers, and brothers. Some said they would have otherwise been alone, had it not been for this event. Others dropped by just to contribute to the Angel Fund, which helps to support additional philanthropic events. Leftover food was packed up and brought to warming stations for continued comfort and sustenance throughout the week.

Cheers to the Oriental Masonic Lodge Brothers of M.V. for providing this Christmas gift of food, community and hope, as well as their service throughout the year!

Cari Williamson