Jan. 6, Wanda E. Irion, trustee of Valerie N. Murphy Trust, sold 10 Rumpus Ridge Rd. to Harrison P. Kisiel and Caitlin G. Kane for $595,000.


Jan. 7, Tavee M. Russ sold 114 Middle Rd. to Anthony James McDonald and Kelly Christine O’Mears for $1,575,000.


Jan. 10, Michael J. Kelly and Martha Hall Kelly sold 28 Black Point Rd., Lot 26, to Jackbo LLC for $1,907,500.



Jan. 7, Duncan D. Ebersol and Susan Saint James Ebersol, trustees of the Ebersol-Saint James Family Trust, sold 46 Caleb Pond Rd. to 46 Caleb LLC for $9,000,000.


Jan. 7, Kruppers LLC sold 14 Puwal Lane to Jennifer Elizabeth Cunningham and Kevin John Cunningham for $3,050,000.


Jan. 7, Kruppers LLC sold 16 Puwal Lane to Kevin J. Cunningham and Jennifer E. Cunningham, trustees of the Puwal Realty Trust, for $1,400,000.


Jan. 7, Max Gouveia and Debra Gouveia sold 13 Brushy Lane to Rafael Klotz and Marjory S. Klotz for $1,805,000.


Jan. 9, Marvin G. Wyatt sold 1 Forest Circle to John S. McNamra and Jeannie J. Kang for $723,500.


Jan. 9, Vineyard Preservation LLC sold 8 Crafts Field Way to Kevin M. Hodges and Andrea S. Miano for $1,250,000.


Jan. 10, E. Jan Goplerud and Jon S. Goplerud sold 11 Windsor Drive to Eric N. Goplerud and Terrayne Goplerud for $310,250.



Oak Bluffs

Jan. 10, Catherine B. Koch sold 3 Old Barnes Rd. to Jean M. Bacon, trustee of M.L. Bacon Family Trust Property, for $300,000.


Jan. 10, Nicholas M. Catt sold Unit 16, 8 Circuit Ave. Ext., to Alex Jeffrie Viera for $315,000.


Jan. 10, Karen L. Heston sold 43 Tiffany Drive to Robert L. Kaye and Nancy J. Kaye for $945,000.


Jan. 10, Ryall Tarpley, Personal Representative of the estate of Ruth M. Tarpley sold 43 Isaac Ave. to Sanjae Garwood and Paulette S. Houston for $611,000.


Jan. 7, Patricia A. Litchfield sold 7 Clover Hill Drive to Lisa P. Dawley for $660,000.


Jan. 8, Chris Kakin Sze sold 95 Beach Rd. to SGS Holdings LLC for $799,000.


Jan. 8, Robert H. Paisner and Elizabeth A. Paisner, trustee of 45 Daggett Avenue Realty Trust sold 45 Daggett Ave. to Jean-Marie Lovett Huff and Christopher T. Huff for $795,000.


Jan. 9, Mink Meadows Association Inc. sold a lot on Mitchell Rd. to Simeon J. Denhart-Holzer for $625,000.


Jan. 9, Carolyn J. Hoseit sold 125 Main St. to John W. Clough for $65,000.


Jan. 10, Russell D. Urban and Catherine E. Urban sold 92 Main St. to 92 Main LLC for $1,825,000.


Jan. 10, Sherry A. Sidoti sold Unit B4, 5 Village Court, 517 State Rd. to Joseph K. Gervais for $330,000.


West Tisbury

Jan. 6, Jesse P. Dailey, trustee of Whitney F. Dailey Irrevocable Trust sold 3 Trotters Lane to Amy Ruth Cassotta for $915,000.


Jan. 8, Philip W. Spalding, trustee of Spalding Investment Realty Trust sold 160 Plum Bush Point Rd. to Kathryn R. Ham, trustee of Sanke Realty Trust for $2,200,000.


Jan. 10, Gabriel Pollow, and Lauren Pollow, trustees of the Pollow Family Irrevocable Trust sold 73 Old Coach Rd. to Alison Curtin for $745,000.