Women’s March: ‘Be our own heroes’



On a frigid Sunday afternoon, more than 40 women and men gathered at Five Corners for the third anniversary of the Women’s March in Washington. 

Women from all over the Island braved 25° temperatures to listen to speakers and hold signs, many of them condemning President Donald Trump and members of the Republican Party. As cars drove by, many honked in solidarity, causing the crowd to cheer and wave.

Carla Cooper, a member of Indivisible Martha’s Vineyard, organized this year’s event, and maintained how important it is for women to continue coming out and protesting. 

“The madness doesn’t stop. The longer Trump is president, the sicker this country gets … we need to come out and be visible, and show people they’re not alone,” she said. “One of the comments I get often is, ‘I can’t do this, I can’t stand outside, but i’m glad you’re doing it, because when I see other people out there, it gives me hope that this country is going to be OK.’” 

Toni Kauffman, a community organizer, spoke at the march alongside Cooper. “We need to have hope and be our own heroes,” she said. “It’s important we have faith in ourselves.”