VH was down to one slip due to transfer bridge work


Updated 5:15 pm

The Steamship Authority Vineyard Haven terminal was down to one slip Thursday afternoon because of work underway on the transfer bridge at Slip 1. At about 12:45 pm the MV Martha’s Vineyard lingered beyond the Vineyard Haven breakwater while a freight boat exited Slip 2 en route to Woods Hole. A boom lift was parked on the bridge at Slip 1 with blocks under the rear wheels. Beyond it, a ladder extended to the transom of the bridge. Behind the boom lift, an SSA truck hitched to a flat trailer loaded with blocks and other equipment sat idle. No workers were visible at the scene. SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll text messaged that a “sheave and pin,” which are part of one of the bridge pulleys, are being repaired. Driscoll wrote that the work is expected to take “only a few hours.” At about 1:30 pm workers could be seen aloft tinkering with the bridge. Driscoll sent a followup message at about 4:15 pm to point out the work had been completed. At around 5 pm the transfer bridge proved operational with vehicles crossing it from a freight boat.

Updated with information from the Steamship Authority. — Ed.


  1. Surely this is a mistake? The newly responsive and considerate SSA must have intended to commence this slip work on 4th of July weekend?

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