Barnes 104th pilots conducts flyovers of MV


The 104th Fighter Wing of Barnes Air National Guard Base in Westfield, conducted flyover drills above Martha’s Vineyard on Tuesday. The jets could be heard flying over the Island at about 2 pm Tuesday.

On Monday, Martha’s Vineyard Airport assistant airport director Geoff Freeman alerted the public to the drill. Freeman said at the time he had no more information from the air base, other than the fact that the flyovers would take place.

The Times could not immediately reach Barnes air base officials for comment, but the jets caused a stir in August during an unannounced drill.


  1. Barnes is conducting flyovers above Tisbury with military planes?
    Could this be an escalation for his woes with Tisbury boards over housing and licensing issues?
    Now that is direct action!
    I will send you some target coordinates.

  2. George– Jame’s comment is totally inappropriate in my opinion–
    I feel it is unfortunate you let his comment stand, as it sets a deplorable precedent for comments that are allowable on this forum.
    If you wonder what i am talking about, consider the line
    “I will send you some target coordinates ”
    What does that mean .George ?
    Are you ok with someone actually sending “target coordinates” ?
    what if those “target coordinates” were for your house ?
    Or mine ?
    James is clearly advocating violence, and you are enabling it..

  3. I respect your opinion but I thought the comment was funny. The headline tripped me up for a minute, because it’s coming right after recent articles about Trip. I suspect the headline writer was having some fun.

  4. Wow…keeps getting “better” all the time…if you dont think like I do, it shouldn’t be published or even thought. Be careful what you say or where you say it, you never know who is listening. Next “they” will be coming for your guns….oh wait…..

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