West Tisbury tapes off dump wall

An area of the West Tisbury dump is off limits. - Rich Saltzberg

The drop-off area for rubbish and recycling at the West Tisbury dump was sealed off with tape and cones Friday. Refuse containers still line the wall, but are no longer accessible. A second set of containers has been placed in the parking area for public use.

Town administrator Jennifer Rand told The Times taping off the old drop-off area is an interim measure until a decision about what to do with the area is made by voters at the annual town meeting. The warrant article is still being drafted, and is not yet available, she noted.

As The Times reported in December, West Tisbury health officials told the board of selectmen the wall, among other infrastructure at the dump, requires extensive repairs. Also, health officials reminded the board safety is of concern at the old drop-off area, after an individual somehow stepped in the gap between the wall and the containers and suffered an injury. A suggestion was floated at the time that West Tisbury redirect its waste steam to Edgartown and close the dump.