I’m not jealous now

By Renata Dumitrascu


I will cling in his memory for a while

As a terrible being, a hungry pig

All my emotions sunk at the bottom of a dank well

Of taciturn suspicion

He will say to himself ‘I do not want another one like her’

In my own defense I shall say that since then

I have passed many winters in this hide

I drank poison and a fish swallowed me

Digested me slowly, for many years

What was left of me was frozen solid

In an asteroid that floated on the edge of Andromeda

I am far away in distance and time

I’m not jealous now

Many men married and divorced me

Or married other women to spite me

Not now

The time of love is dead

In its catacombs I sometimes meet my own eyes



Renata Dumitrascu has lived in Romania, Uruguay, and Chile, aside from several parts of the U.S. She currently lives in New Glarus, Wisc., and works in a call center.

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