Elizabeth Warren closes out presidential campaign

Supporters say she would have brought much-needed structural change to America.

Senator Elizabeth Warren at a Town Hall event at MVRHS in 2017, before her run for president. — Siobhan Beasley

Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced on Thursday that she is dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, causing frustration and uncertainty among many of her staunchest Vineyard supporters.

Warren structured her presidential campaign largely around race and LGBTQ issues, and highlighted the importance of breaking down barriers for middle-class American families. 

After a dismal polling performance for Warren on Super Tuesday, she decided to end her run for president, but pledged to Americans in a press conference that she will “stay in the fight.”

During the press conference, Warren thanked her supporters for “the honor of a lifetime,” and said that although she is no longer running for president, she will still be a stalwart advocate for American families and marginalized communities.

Warren advocate and Dukes County Commissioner Keith Chatinover said, “It was a really sad day,” but the result was not unexpected.

“She has been a hero of mine ever since she ran in 2012. She did a really fantastic job of bringing a policy debate to the conversation, and bringing a group of really important voices into her campaign,” Chatinover said.

Chatinover said Warren brought gender and race issues out into the open, and represented the intersectionality of economic inequity with marginalized populations in America.

According to Chatinover, Warren didn’t see a path forward to winning the nomination, and didn’t see the point in staying in a race that she wasn’t confident she could win.

“She was well-funded in the month of February, but she is an advocate and a fighter first and foremost, and she will continue to represent those values,” Chatinover said.

In the coming weeks, Chatinover said, he will be watching Warren’s next steps, and said he will “follow her lead,” as the election draws closer.

With former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders slated to be the two contenders for the Democratic nomination, Chatinover said he is disappointed that the established paradigm of American government is not being challenged.

“It’s pretty depressing that a party as diverse as ours is going to have to choose between two white males in their upper 70s,” Chatinover said. “We need to do a better job of recruiting and making viable candidates that aren’t straight, white males.”

At this time, Chatinover said he isn’t sure which candidate he will endorse now that Warren has closed out her campaign.

Sen. Julian Cyr, D-Truro, said that Warren’s ability to translate the issues that have been plaguing American families for decades into legitimate policy plans is “truly remarkable.”

“Much of Elizabeth Warren’s work led her to realize how many barriers most Americans face. She knew we need major structural change to have a society with some semblance of fairness,” Cyr said.

According to Cyr, America needs a robust middle class in order to ensure a functioning democracy. “I am a little disappointed with our choices in candidates these days. I don’t think the two front-runners are reflective of the direction this country is trying to go in,” Cyr said.

Warren advocate and Vineyarder Catherine Walthers worked on the Warren campaign trail, and said in a text message that she is “deeply saddened” by the news. 

“Women and families are among the losers here,” Walthers said.

Another Island supporter, Margaret Emerson, said that although she is disappointed, she feels like Warren “contributed a lot to the discussion.”

“She has done so much for middle America; it has been her whole life’s work,” Emerson said.

Co-leader of Students for Warren at Cornell University, and former MV Times intern, Amanda Cronin said in a message that she started campaigning for Warren last August, and organized her first event at the picnic tables in front of Scottish Bakehouse.

“I knew she was my candidate because she inspired fierce hope in me, and because her policy plans made so much sense,” Cronin said.

Warren’s choice to suspend her campaign was a particularly difficult loss for Cronin, because of all the time and effort she has put into supporting her. “It is a difficult loss to take because it feels personal. She was overprepared and overqualified, and yet that still wasn’t enough, because sexism is still a factor in our country’s political world,” Cronin said.

Even with the news of Warren dropping out of the race, Cronin said, working for her for the past seven months was “the honor of [her] life,” and that she will continue to push for her progressive policy plans “until all 70-plus [plans] make it to the Hill.”


  1. This article points out the folly of island voters electing an uneducated teenager into a position of power. His misandry and racist comments are frightening. We should all support candidates for what they think not what they look like. Integrity counts as well and obviously Elizabeth Warren, as evidenced by her trouncing in her home state, lacks severely in that department.

  2. I’m okay with white, male, and over 70 in theory. Will gladly vote for candidates who are on top of things, regardless of age. But a candidate who no longer knows what office he’s running for? What famous day of the week it is? One who tells tall tales? Those are red flags. And that’s far from an exhaustive list. Biden’s a legend in his own mind, more interested in bragging about his embellished history than focusing on the needs of others. Familiar behavior. It will only get worse as time goes by, until he’s no longer able to speak in public. Everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone makes Biden-level mistakes on a daily basis. Not cute, no matter how hard the media spins it. Not ‘relatable’. Just a neon sign that he’s incompetent.

    Throw in a condescending brand of racism, creeptastic sexism, and a need to aggressively insult anyone who asks a less-than-sycophantic question on the campaign trail, and we’re basically expected to swap out Trump for the Dem version of Trump. After years of complaining, however justly, about none other than Trump. I’m sure this makes sense to someone, somewhere, but it doesn’t to me. The same can be said about Bloomberg’s behavior.

    Warren was light-years from a perfect option. I didn’t have a lot of faith in her ability to pull off certain goals. Nor did I even agree with some of those plans. She should’ve embraced a more moderate approach. But at least she’s mentally sound. *That* is what I find sad about losing her and keeping Biden, not the lack of a female presence. Although it’s worth noting that no woman could mix up her husband and her brother and expect to be taken seriously ever again, let alone handed the keys to the kingdom. We’d send her to Shady Pines.

    Biden’s people can front all they want. They still look like they’re waiting for the bomb to drop whenever he opens his mouth. It’s uncomfortable. Standards keep slipping, while we talk about the need to raise them. I’m lost. And I’m guessing so is this race.

    • Unless you want Trump to be reelected, I hope you will get used to the fact that you are not going to have your way and need to vote for the Dem nominee. Trump is on top of nothing, makes dangerous mistakes, sometimes on an hourly basis, and makes crises worse, as he’d done with the coronavirus, lack of tests, and minimizing the threat from day one. EVery time he speaks he lies and cheats the public. He is a conartist, cheating, bankrupted, bribing, traitorous liar who must be defeated. Trump opening his mouth is a lot worse than uncomfortable. Keep in mind what is at stake and remember what happened when Bernie brats stayed home and didn’t vote because they didn’t get their way. The decency and integrity and goodness of character of Biden cannot be argued, except by Berniebots and Trumpers, opposite sides of the same ugly, angry coin. What is the purpose of whining about age and gaffes? Biden is old and makes gaffes, but he will choose a VP younger and stronger, as well as fill all cabinet, court, and advisor posts with people who love our country and democracy more than they love their own egos and self-interests. I agree it was sad, heartbreaking really, that Warren could not be elected President– because she is a woman. She was the smartest, most fit, most experienced and accomplised of them all. That’s the reality, but we have to go with Biden. My hope is that EW would be his running mate, a win-win for our country because Biden would not be a 2 termer, (and it’s possible he would not be able to finish his first term. Same with Bernie, too). Or Kamala Harris or Amy Klobuchar would also be a good VP choice. Any one of the dem candidates who have now dropped out would be so much better than Trump and Pence/Mother. Even Bloomberg. Character counts. That’s what it’s come down to. A woman will be president someday, somehow. Biden will choose a running mate wisely because he does indeed love this country as all his years of service prove. And Jill Biden rocks. This country needs what he has: character and decency. Even if Bernie becomes the nominee, I will vote for him. Biden is likely what you have, though, and if you love this country more than pious self-righteousness, you’ll deal with it and vote for him. Save your insistence on standards not currently offered here for when you get to heaven! I hope to heaven that the self-righteous millennials get real. #BeAdult and #GetTrumpOut

      • “But it is that part of these younger generations that specializes in histrionic self-pity and moral self-righteousness, usually communicated via social media…The rap against the former veep is that he’s old, frequently puts his foot in his mouth, and occasionally says nice things about Republicans. Another way of putting all that is that he’s mature, unstudied, and not just another partisan hater…Also, he refused to beg forgiveness… for being a tad too touchy-kissy.”

        • So many straw men.

          I have no problem with anyone’s age and will vote for older candidates. That’s the very first thing I stated. I know of sharp, wise people in their 70s, 80s, and beyond, and they have my full respect. I wish more would run for office.

          I am okay with a male president. The article quoted Chatinover as saying, “It’s pretty depressing that a party as diverse as ours is going to have to choose between two white males in their upper 70s.” I was questioning whether those factors should matter right now. In my opinion, they should not. While I’m well aware of the need for diverse representation and am more than sympathetic to how a lack of it has shaped things, the focus has to be on competency at this juncture. First and foremost, anyway. Character, too.

          I have never considered Trump to be a competent leader. That was also indicated in my comment. But this article was about the Democratic race, so I was thinking more about how Democrats stack up. Unfortunately, Trump’s endless flaws don’t inoculate us against electing another mess, any more than the existence of the flu cancels out COVID-19.

          There’s no particular candidate that I’m ideologically married to or promoting, and I didn’t discuss my vote. Rather, it was a series of observations. I was pointing out why I feel pushing Biden is, in large part, going to cost the anti-Trump side the election. Democrats had a bunch of mentally competent options, regardless of what I think of their platforms or tactics, and yet they seem to be throwing their weight behind the exception. I consider that to be a strategic mistake. There are other aspects in play, of course, but it’s not worth taking the time to explain them here.

          Biden’s track record goes far beyond gaffes. That’s the media’s word for it, even when he insults black families with some of the oldest, most damaging stereotypes, so ingrained in him that he probably can’t see it. Or goes after people at his own rallies. It’s as if the press thinks calling his bad behavior something innocent-sounding will wash away all manner of sin. Some of his remarks are not harmless. Those that are, in terms of content, still indicate a man with a serious cognitive issue.

          There’s no partisan hatred, or any other kind of hatred, here. I wasn’t referring to my personal standards. I meant the standards professed by Democrats that Biden fails to meet. Never a good idea to pass over numerous people who better exemplify a party’s own talking points for a man who does not.

          I was trying to be delicate towards the end in addressing what I view as his rapid mental decline. That’s why I merely said it makes me uncomfortable to watch his team, watching him, having to correct him. It was an understatement. It’s not an easy topic to address bluntly because there are good people going through the same, or watching a loved one go through it. Biden has never been sharp. That is why I do not consider this just a function of age and will not discriminate against older candidates. But he seems more off than ever.

          Regardless of the cause, he is exhibiting some really alarming behavior, and I think his wife is very aware and trying to help him navigate. He will likely pick a vice president who will do the same. That is not the function of a VP. They’re not babysitters. They can only do so much. I believe we will see many more “gaffes” from Biden over the next five years that will make him unpredictable and unable to do the job.

  3. Aquinnah. Yours is a brave comment. You see what you see and you have conviction. Dems should have picked someone else. Warren should have quit on Monday and essentially given Sanders her votes and he would have won 7 states instead of 4 and he would be ahead in delegates. Crazy Bernie is not my guy but Warren did him no favors and she is a lot like him in some of her plans. Bloomberg could have beaten Trump. He is not a good debater but a good manager and he is/was much more moderate than the other Dems. It is going to be pitiful when Trump slams Biden, brings up Ukraine and mentions all the Bank connections and 40 years of no accomplishments. The Dems have no one. Time to bring Michele in.

    • Thanks very much, Andrew. I do feel Warren could’ve broadened her appeal if she had decided to lean less towards Bernie’s way of doing things. While he’s fared better than I expected, I am not convinced Bernie can beat Trump. He’s just too extreme, in a time when the absolute opposite is called for. I’ve always felt that if the Democrats wanted any chance, they were going to have to come together early on and support the most moderate person(s) they could find, provided those people met some other basic qualifications. If there are voters who are fed up with Trump but still somewhat conservative on matters of policy, they’re not likely to sacrifice their beliefs just to replace him. Especially true when it comes to financial matters.

      One of the problems with Bloomberg, to me, is that he hit the ground running with some of the approaches people hate most in Trump. The pettiness detracted from the plan. If I were going to sink all that money into ads (granted, he can afford it), I’d focus more on what I’m offering than the other guy’s failures. Still don’t know the point of talking about Trump’s steak preferences. ? The debates are going to be off the wall.

    • Andrew, at least attempt to put some analytic rigor into your posts. Exit polls and current polls show Elizabeth Warren’s voters mostly evenly split between Biden and Sanders. So you are incorrect, again, that had she dropped Sanders would have won 7 states. I enjoy the back and forth. It’s healthy for a democracy but you struggle mightily analytically.
      Not to mention had Bloomberg dropped before Tuesday, Biden would have trounced Bernie.

      • MrsB, your remark presumes that Warren voters will vote their second choice uninfluenced by Warren’s endorsement. It seems obvious to me that if she endorsed one candidate or the other it would move the needle one way or the other. Many who disagree with her endorsement might prefer not to vote rather than go against her wishes. The split of her voters after an endorsement is not settled question.

        • Don’t discount the #AnyoneButTrump commitment that has fueled just about every democrat, except maybe for some Berniebros.

  4. Jackie. Tulsi Gabbard is a woman and still in the race. Watch the Dems keep her out of the debate. She would look next to a somnambulist and a communist. Your party will disqualify her. Watch. Oh maybe Tulsi is not the correct woman.

    • Tulsi is the only Democrat who would have a chance beating President Trump. Democrats are the party of crankiness, Tulsi represents accomplishment which totally turns off the base.

    • As a voter, I disagree. To me, Gabbard seems like an opportunist Democrat-in-name-only, with one sincere policy position (get out of the middle east) who correctly realized that there is no place in the GOP for an anti-war person of mixed ethnic heritage.

  5. Hi everyone! A couple of clarifying points/rebuttals. 1) I’m going to agree to disagree with the above analysis that island voters were incorrect to elect me to the County Commission. I hope and think that I’ve proven that analysis wrong during my fourteen months as a Commissioner. 2) I don’t think anything about my record (or quote, for that matter) would show that I am uneducated on the issues, or that I am a misandrist or reverse racist. 3) I did not say that there was anything wrong with 70+ year-old, white, straight males being in politics. I merely said that we need more voices that don’t fit into that demographic. But the fact that some took that so negatively probably says a lot about how difficult it is to break that glass ceiling.

    • Keith, diversity in politics is important. I think you’re right about that part and understood your point, so I apologize if my comment came across as harsh. This is kind of a unique election in that what I’m looking for in a candidate (or was looking for, as we’re beyond the stage of having to sort through a large group of options) is more basic than it ever has been. I was more focused on how everyone compared to Trump.

      Since Warren was more qualified than at least one of the choices we’ve ended up with, in my opinion, you’re not wrong about the difficulties faced. I don’t think hoping for representation in government is racist, etc.

    • Glass ceiling? That’s an ignorant misnomer Keith. You are an uneducated island youth who put their full support behind a candidate who could not deliver anything they proposed. In your defense, neither can Bernie Sanders. As you can see, the majority of liberal MA voters understand that you can’t promise “free” and get yourself into office. The difference between Bernie and Warren is that Bernie has a broader socialist base than Warren did. His campaign and his voice always has been bigger than hers, dating back to 2015. That is why he is where he’s at today. I believe Warren didn’t win her home state because she has done nothing for us in her time in the senate. She’s going to feel it in the polls when she’s up for election.

      Diversity doesn’t make everything equal and better. Educated people making hard decisions makes things better. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female. It doesn’t matter if they are gay or straight. What matters is the broad scope they use in deciding how best to support their constituents. You make the hard choices for all parties, not just one.

      I sincerely hope you go back to the drawing board and change your way of thinking. You are young and there is a lot you can do, but you need to talk to your entire base, not just those that think like you. Great politicians bring everyone together, not just those than think like they do. Peace.

  6. Hi guys, longtime reader of all you ghosts in the machine prattling back and forth with one another. This’ll hopefully be my first and only post I will make, so I will try to be as succinct as possible.

    I’m truly disappointed with all of you. Every summer we see super-yachts fill up the coast along Oak Bluffs. To me, the juxtaposition is disgusting. We know there is food insecurity on this island, we know there is a housing crisis on this island, we know there are elderly who need to ration food and medicine on a monthly basis. I will not stand for, nor participate in, a society in which such a gross wealth inequality is not only displayed, but practically relished in.

    We need a candidate who has been consistently on the working class and poor’s side. And you know what? It shouldn’t matter how old they are, what reproductive organs they have, or how much melanin is in their skin. Our society is caving in because our politics have become dominated by physical traits rather than high-minded ideals. “It’s great that poverty was eliminated, I just wish the person responsible was gay.”

    And this whole shtick about communists… please, grow up. Communism is totalitarian in nature – power is seized by them, not given by an electorate. It’s a strange combination of baffling and depressing to hear a person react to a slogan of “jobs for the jobless, houses for the homeless, food for the hungry” as if we’re all about to board trains to gulags in North Dakota.

    The bombs will continue to drop, millions of civilians will continue to die, our elderly will continue to suffer, and the middle class will continue to shrink. Having a vulva is not a requisite to reverse this course! A strong moral framework and a history of consistency on speaking out about these issues absolutely is, however.

    Good luck to all of you in your futures.

    • Don’t know who wrote this, but they obviously were not thinking about how they are going to be voting for a woman’s reproductive rights, but still, I hope all the Bernie bros and morally outraged remember these items:

      1. You’re not just voting for President.

      2. You’re voting for who replaces RBG on the Supreme Court.

      3. You’re voting for the next Secretary of Education.

      4. You’re voting for federal judges.

      5. You’re voting for the rule of law.

      6. You’re voting for saving national parks.

      7. You’re voting for letting kids out of cages.

      8. You’re voting for clean air and clean water.

      9. You’re voting for scientists to be allowed to speak about climate change.

      10. You’re voting for what a President says and does on Twitter.

      11. You’re voting for housing rights.

      12. You’re voting for LGBTQ people to be treated with dignity.

      13. You’re voting for non-Christians to be able to adopt and to feel like full citizens.

      14. You’re voting for Dreamers.

      15. You’re voting so that there will be Social Security and Medicare when you retire.

      16. You’re voting for veterans to get the care they deserve.

      17. You’re voting for rural hospitals.

      18. You’re voting so that someone else can have health insurance.

      19. You’re voting for the preservation of PBS.

      20. You’re voting to have a President who doesn’t embarrass this country every time she or he attends an international meeting.

      21. And you’re voting against allowing the USA to become yet another authoritarian regime.

      22. You’re voting for sensible gun laws.

  7. Regarding the presidential campaign, entitled moral outrage of white privilege, millennials especially, who often don’t vote anyway because no one is “good enough”, (even now, to defeat the impeached criminal in office), those excuses are the height of spoiled immaturity— which only encourage Trumpers/and people who practice a fake and cult-like religion. There is a reason why black voters and leaders endorse and support and love Biden and have impacted primary outcomes so dramatically. POC have changed the tune of the race entirely. White privilege allows the privileged white to ignore this reality and carry on with their moral outrage. Biden was not my first choice, but I am behind him 100% now.

    • Don’t know who you’re talking to this time, but for the record and since your earlier “millennial” bit was directed at me, I’m not white, Jackie. Telling non-white people that they have to accept the damaging racism of an older white man because you wrongfully assume everyone you speak to or about is white — which in itself is a problematic, white-normative view — is peak 2020 hilarity. And rather confusing to type out. My head hurts.

      The NY Times doesn’t just post questionable opinions. They also run factual stuff, like the story about Biden saying — in front of Black people — that Black parents can’t read and write. If Trump did that, you’d go to warp speed plaid trying to discredit him. I’m not offended. Just mindful that his antiquated thinking has no place in government. There’s a profound difference.

      It doesn’t sound like you even know what a millennial is. The oldest are approaching 40. They have families, children, jobs, varied experiences, losses, financial hardships, medical hardships, military experience, political positions. You know. Normal stuff. They’re not all chained to social media or privileged or obtuse, and I have no idea why someone would assume that. Hasn’t history proven enough times that it’s foolish to lump millions of individuals together unfavorably? It’s also lazy. Rather than learning someone’s story, just write that person off with a label.

      Mayor Pete is a millennial. I hope you have the same outrage towards him, since you seem to think an entire generation is sharing one hive-mind. Posting opinion pieces about certain groups of college students (who are not even millennials) doing ill-advised things has nothing to do with anyone here. Not that I’ve read. There’s an interrogatory mark on your keyboard that you can use to ask people questions about themselves. That works better than wildly assuming and telling another person who he or she is.

      Your posts are filled with moral outrage. That you think you can put down others for the perceived same behavior, even when it’s not true, is unreasonable. Some commenters clearly come here to address the articles. You mostly talk about other posters, try to belittle them. I don’t agree with lots of things posted online. That’s cool. I don’t expect to. But I’m acutely aware that the people behind the keyboards are real and deserve some respect. I’m not perfect at it, but I’m trying my best. All I see is you unloading on others and making no effort to understand. Reading to understand and reading to angrily reply are two different things. Yet you lecture on maturity.

      I like the varied opinions. It helps me learn, which is kinda the point of a newspaper. If I only wanted to hear my own thoughts, I’d stick my head in a fish bowl and scream into the glassy abyss.

      • I was not addressing you, but, seriously, why do so many millennials think everything is all about them? Anyway, be sure to vote, come November. You can do it by absentee ballot and send it in early, so this time, no excuses!

        • Why is it always the leftists and progressives who need to settle, whose votes are taken for granted, who are dragooned into supporting someone like Biden? Why do we need to vote for someone whose policy positions resemble the left wing of the Republican party, and not even the center of the Democrats? Why is it always our fault when the candidate loses, despite promising nothing and inspiring nobody? Why?

      • Aquinnah, after admittedly only skimming your long tirade at first, I see there are a few untrue accusations you’ve made about me. I never assumed you were white. Actually, I wondered because of your user name but without assuming anything, if you were a member of the Tribe. Give your lecture about who’s a racist old white guy somewhere else. You don’t have to look far on these pages. I wish you were joking about Biden’s ‘antiquated thinking in government’, but sadly, you are not. Have you ever listened to or read a Trump tweet, or any GOP white guy who’s defended Trump? Compare that to what happened in S Carolina and on Super Tuesday and try to understand why.

        “In response to a 2015 Pew Research survey that asked each of the four adult generations to assess itself, millennials were the most prone to describe their own generation as self-absorbed, wasteful, greedy, and cynical, and the least likely to describe their own generation as hard working , moral, and patriotic.”
        I know what “millennial” is. The generation has the reputation for being self-righteous and self-absorbed and entitled. They all got trophies in T-Ball as kids, just for showing up. Mayor Pete does not fit the bill, but many do, especially those on the younger side. I did not make this up, so give this lecture about lumping and who’s representative of the stereotypical millennial somewhere else, but first read a few of your long comments on here. I’m a boomer and we don’t get off easy either. I make no “wild assumptions” about you but I see things based on what you choose to publicly tell about yourself. Can’t blame me for that, and yet you do.

        “Learning someone’s story” may be best left to support groups and 12 step meetings. It’s not really why people have political discussions in a forum like this that is public and anonymous and yet local at the same time. I have as much interest in your ‘story’ as you have expressed about mine: zero. Neither do I wish to share! I really wish I did not know about your reasons for hating HRC. Again, when self-absorption comes to these pages, it’s of no interest to most.

        I do not “think I can put down others”… but I certainly do not quietly accept any commenter’s lies, racism, sexism, homophobia, fake religiousness, and condoning, minimizing, and denying climate change and the coronavirus, not to mention the support on these pages of the lies and obscene criminality of the Trump administration. I put down Trump all the time and will continue to hold people accountable for supporting what he’s doing to our country. They are free to defend their position, but Ive yet to hear anyone do it with an ounce of sense or intelligence or reality. Instead they go off on me and whine– and speak about me and not to me (hello Andrew). What makes you think everyone is worthy of respect just because they can type here? I will never accept or respect a person who tells me Trump was chosen by their god that loves only white Christians and the literal hell with Jews and Muslims and non-believers. Respect must be earned, not demanded, and it’s not earned just because they can type! We are not all on a millennial-style T-Ball team with trophies for everyone, just for showing up. Showing up doesn’t earn respect. Who says I have to try to understand racists and anti-semites, and ask them questions, when they are the most unworthy of respect imaginable? When you can’t defend the indefensible, don’t blame me, and yet you do. Did you not see the racist comment from your friend about Chinese spitting on the streets under the article about the coronavirus? Why don’t you speak up about that obscenity? Your silence regarding even one blatantly racist remark lets your pal get away with it, and yet you have the gall to demand respect from someone who calls him out on it as much as possible? If you want to make nice with people who repeatedly do not tell the truth and make hateful, disgusting remarks, like about chinese spitting, don’t demand respect from me because you will never have it. Step outside yourself for a minute and look at what’s said on here.

        Finally, to keep this a little on-topic, it’s really a shame and a signal of how misogynistic this country is that only after Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the race that people are embracing how brilliant and fit she’d be as President. So, I’m going with the old white decent guy who is not the old white corrupt narcissist who surrounds himself with indicted criminals. Who knows, maybe Biden will pick Warren for his VP. Anyone is better than what we’ve got.
        Sorry for the length. Vote.

        • No one believes Biden’s the worst racist in government, but his thinking is plain wrong. The others aren’t repping the supposedly enlightened party that promises people of color they won’t be degraded. Assuming Black people are illiterate qualifies. Hold politicians accountable for doing better. He’s had decades to grasp race and continues in ignorance. Deflecting allows it to go unchecked.

          You claimed “privileged white millennials” are the ones bothered by this. I haven’t encountered that. There are people of color discussing it. If you look at the links in this article (not promoting the site as a whole), it becomes more clear why some don’t think he’s harmless. I’m not saying we should leave Trump in office because of Biden’s issues. Just explaining why I found him to be the weakest of the Dem options.


          I didn’t rant about an old white man being racist, though you often have. Before this topic, I only recall using ‘white’ here once, and not in that context. A glib reference to liberals not practicing what they preach. I firmly believe all races, ages, and genders are equal, absolutely including white people. But not all mentalities are okay. It’s a content-of-character thing. Not a what-one-was-born thing.

          When Melania’s plagiarized speech came up, you crucified her. Treated it as a serious crime. You say Biden is a man of character. He had to drop out of a presidential race over plagiarism. Multiple counts. Not to mention his confirmed lies. Partisan double standards work in Trump’s favor.

          I don’t hate Hillary or anyone else. Critical commentary isn’t hatred. I use research to vote, not emotion.

          No coddling or participation trophies in my past. Real or metaphorical. Hard work, discipline, personal responsibility, being of service. That’s what I came up valuing. I don’t expect you to actually ask for our Dickensian tales. (I kid.) Just don’t fabricate backgrounds and flaws for strangers in lieu of facts. You can’t tell me what lens I’m using based on tropes. If you don’t care who I am, talk politics. That’s all I wanted. Not your respect. Fewer ad homs.

          I rarely mention my life. What I have said was minor. My long comments were about LGBTQ, etc. Causes you support. I wasn’t the focus. You replied in agreement to some. This is grasping at straws. Hope they’re turtle-safe. FYI, I only come here for the same reason men used to claim they read Playboy. I did not change the subject to me. You did.

          Haven’t seen the mention of spitting. No, I don’t condone prejudice related to coronavirus. It’s wrong and has led to assault. But I’m not online 24.7. Haven’t read new articles in days. That you’d attack before giving me a chance to confirm or reply tells me this is about being right, not reasonable, so I will opt out now.

          “You can do it by absentee ballot and send it in early, so this time, no excuses!”

          Low. I told you I was in the hospital. No excuses necessary for being seriously ill, which is ongoing. I did not expect to make it to 2017. The election was not priority. Zero self-pity. Just facts. I don’t owe votes or excuses to anyone, let alone an Internet stranger, and my ballot wouldn’t have changed the outcome. Our state went blue.

          I’ve voted (early, often, and for ethical white gentlemen of varying chronology) since I came of age. And I will again. Duncan Ross was a fabulous teacher back in the day. We don’t need no (further civic) education.

          • I don’t agree with thinking that is out of touch with reality and tries to sit on both sides of a fence. The end.

          • Aquinnah, since you haven’t objected to what most decent people see as racist or obscene, I repost from MVTimes from under a coronavirus article, since you say you have missed it. You’ve chosen instead to passionately object to, among other things, the reputation millennials have earned for themselves, along with putting down Biden as racist (he’s not, but whatever). I’ll leave it up to you to figure out who on here wrote the below quotes:

            “You are always asking me to wager on things. You who politicize the virus and blame it on Trump and exaggerate it beyond proportion, I will now ask you to make a bet with me for one thousand dollars. How about 1000 people in the US die from Coronavirus, Small number since this is a pandemic. If we dont reach that threshold you pay me. You wont take that bet because you know its not gonna happen. As for Trump being a ”complete idiot” will you soon be concerned with Biden’s diminished mental capacity and cognitive decline.? I promise you the 1000 dollars if I lose. I will chase you on your non CO2 spewing bicycle and hand you the money.”

            and then there was this:
            “you are joining the hype crowd. People die every day. 48000 flu deaths in the US. You know the number. 650 thousand abortions every year in the US. I know , I know you cant mention that because its not a death. For all your research please find me an number of people who die every day in the USA from some kind of infection. 2 deaths today in Florida, one from international travel , the other from other symptoms and very weak immune system. Both old. Pangolins are eaten in China, in fact they are eaten into extinction. All sorts of other weird stuff is eaten in China and I have eaten it as well many years ago. The infection came here from China. Have you ever walked around in China and Hong Kong and watched how people cough up spit on the sidewalk all the time? I know—– that is racist. Get some perspective please.”

            You remain silent where it most matters to speak out. The quoted writer here admits to how racist his statement is, never mind the ignorance it takes to minimize the coronavirus. Then there is the betting on how many Americans will die…

          • Read more thoroughly next time. I just said coronavirus prejudice leads to assault and is wrong, and I’ve posted multiple times about why this disease is not hype and needs to be taken more seriously. I don’t bother to babysit the comments here, but I have addressed this at length. That’s not silence. I’m not interested in your disingenuous attempts to discredit me because you have some odd personal grudge and won’t address facts, like Biden’s contribution to incarceration. Think whatever you’d like. I don’t hold anon commenters in a local newspaper to higher standards than I do a man who will lead 330,000,000 citizens. You seem to. That’s your right and your choice. My take differs. Get over it. I’m done.

  8. Neither Biden nor Sanders will be the nominee. Brokered convention. Dems will put someone forward like Holder, Kerry or Patrick. Hilary might get in. Biden will announce early stage dementia. For laughs it could be Nadler/AOC. Bloomberg should have stayed in. One lady on this post would support Maduro is he were running against Trump

  9. At the risk of obsequiousness Aquinnah, bravo for taking Jackie to task. You are an excellent writer and a consistent thinker. I dont agree with some of your views but I respect your talent and ability to separate wheat from chaff. Gladly we are getting good representation and discipline from you.

    • I read Aquinnah’s post as all about her, but I see Club Jackie is still alive and well in your head, Andrew.

    • I appreciate that a lot, Andrew. I wasn’t just talking about myself when I brought up ad homs. It happens often. I generally try not to stick my nose into heated exchanges because I don’t want to make it worse or prolong the issue. Never know how to handle that.

      It’s my take that we should look to dismantle arguments with better ones, not go after background or personal traits like culture, age, religion. It’s not just about being pleasant. Effective communication can only happen when we’re calm and receptive, and I assume anyone taking the time to post would like to be heard at least a little. Commenters can raise many good points, but too much anger will dilute the message. I see this everyone online. On a happier note, there have been some informative discussions here in the past. I stick around for those and like when people explain their reasoning.

  10. Liberal $&@“&/ listen to yourself. As much as we loved all your littering on telephone poles from West Tisberry to Vineyard Haven you must face the facts from a party who didn’t want old white man running for them who do they have? Plugs Mike Biden who doesn’t know his wife from his sister or Bernie! good luck the panic that is setting in it’s quite humorous because after Trump takes 2020 Ivanka is going to take the next one the first woman president. Pinky promise !!!

  11. not that I expect the times to post this being one-sided as they are !! The scrambling is awesome

  12. The ultimate misogyny you liberals are always carping about is the erasing of Tulsi Gabbard from the Democratic party. Only two white males left the media insists, sexism because no women and yet Tulsi is still there and you may not like her politics but she is still a woman in the Dem party. She is the Mary Jo Kopechne of the Dem party and you may not mention her name.

    • This is like Trump being upset that Bernie isn’t getting a fair shake, lol. The candidate who can beat Trump is Biden, Dems know it, Repubs know it, and that’s what Democrats care about most. Of course Republicans are going to push for a candidate who can’t win in November and will say anything to make it seem like that have some sort of spine or decency or care about women, as they do whatever they can to have say over a woman’s uterus and her health care. Laughable comment from you, Andrew, for a change.

    • andrew–Gabbard is only still in the race because she wants the attention .
      She has less than 1% support .. Why even talk about her ? Big deal this person happens to be a woman.
      When was the last time the reich wing media had a lively debate about William Weld ?
      He is still running for president after all.
      By the way, I love your predictions.
      I guess I missed the story about Tesla being bankrupt.
      Hillary did not win in 2016, and is not running this year.
      All 15 cases of Covid 19 in the united stated did not disappear last week.
      So let me put out a prediction here…
      If trump debates the democratic nominee at all, he will only do it once.
      Mary Jo Kopechne ? What is that about ?
      Can’t you think of something a little more recent to drag out of the closet ?

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