What’s up with TP?

To the Editor:

In no way do I want to downplay the serious nature of COVID-19.

Perhaps I have been living too long on this island, but for the life of me, I do not understand what toilet paper hoarding has to do with this health emergency.

Is toilet paper some sort of bitcoin which I also don’t understand? Can you eat toilet paper? I have never seen a recipe that includes toilet paper as an ingredient! Does wrapping yourself, your car or your house in toilet paper protect you from COVID-19?

Just looking for answers.

Ken Eber
Vineyard Haven


  1. Seriously? So what if we are quarantined (self or required) for longer-let’s say a month?.What goes in has to come out. The tissue method (sneezing) needs a backup. Gee maybe I should rethink a certain subscription. Maybe the local appliance store will give away bidets? Maybe human compost heaps?

    • Soap and water and washcloths… and handkerchiefs. Anyone who’s ever had a baby should know this. Most people have hot running water in their bathroom sink, as well as a good supply of washcloths right there in the bathroom. Clean handkerchiefs work well for sneezes and blowing your nose. Keep a good supply handy and keep a clean one in your pocket at all times and wash it after you use it with soap and hot water. Handkerchiefs air dry in less than 30 minutes. If you have working hands, you don’t even need a washing machine/dryer to wash out what comes out of you. Toilet paper and bidets are nice, but not essential to life. Think, people! It’s your mess, clean it up.

  2. Math and rough guesstimates per adult per week :
    dump x 7= 7
    ?5- #1 x 7= 35
    ?3 sneezes per day x 7= 21
    ?15 hand washes & dry x 7 =105
    ?2 Facecloths per day x 7 =14
    ?3 cut up (towels) rags for dropped food/liquid/dog puke/cat barf/spiders etc.-per day x 7 = 21
    Amped up house (bathroom kitchen) cleaning one can only guess

    A rough total of a couple hundred per week…and will need extra.
    Add in 7 towels per week for showers..
    Clothes with sneezed/coughed on elbows

    Now on to wash/disinfect.
    Wash them all together?
    Separate like diaper pails of the past?
    (been there done that for 7)

    Hot water and Dryer = gas or electric more energy.
    Clothes lines not allowed in all areas.

    More sewer pump outs.
    More chlorine in environment.
    More trash.
    All bad for environment: No way around this issue.

    Last time I saw a real handkerchief was at my dance class in 1965.
    How many pockets do I need to have for all those dirty handkerchiefs.
    Tissues or TP are one time use.

    A compromise then – some of both.
    Or how about this you do your way and I’ll do mine.

    Next question-will the sky fall? (maybe but not for this reason)

    Nope. Prolly a dozen other ways to do this.

    Worse things to worry about than TP hoarding.
    European countries now banning the young from interacting with the old.

    MV Times reporters -How about a forum where commenters offer their methods of coping, cleaning -any aspect getting thru this crisis. A lot more helpful..

  3. Do not wait. Don’t worry about TP. Do not worry about anything other than getting yourself out of harms way. Look around you. This is about to blow up.Don’t ride the boat.Don’t go out.Don’t get gas. Go home and stay home NOW!

  4. Whenever I have to go out, I wear white dress gloves sprayed with high% alcohol (that way perhaps I also clean every handle I touch?) Also when I open mail or package.

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