Connie McHugh earns pro coach certification in pickleball


Connie McHugh of Airport Fitness received her Professional Pickleball Registry Coach Certification after attending teacher training in Hilton Head, S.C. Fifty professionals from around the world with backgrounds in racquet sports participated in the workshop. The Certification test consisted of a playing evaluation, teaching pickleball lessons, observation, and a written rules exam.

Connie then attended the second annual East Coast Pickleball Conference. Presenters covered rule changes, teaching techniques, physical training, event planning, and introduction to youth programs. 

Airport Fitness offers daily pickleball programs. There is drop-in play open to the public seven mornings a week and the option to reserve a pickleball court for a private group anytime. Introduction to pickleball clinics are offered every week as well as clinics on different shots and strategies. Round robin tournaments have been hosted at the club this winter. Pickleball camps are being planned for this summer.

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