Cribbage Results


Twenty-eight players from the Martha’s Vineyard Cribbage League met at the P.A. Club on Wednesday, March 11. They played six games of cribbage, with 3 points for a skunk, 2 points for a win, and 0 points for a loss. There were 13 skunks in total.

Results were Dennis VonMehren of Vineyard Haven in first place; Samantha Burns of Vineyard Haven in second place; Mary Alice Russell of Vineyard Haven in third place; Bill Russell of Vineyard Haven in fourth place; Angie Fisher of Edgartown in fifth place; Albion Alley III of Vineyard Haven in sixth place, and Manny Jardin of Vineyard Haven came in seventh place.

The league plans to meet again on Wednesday, March 25, at 6 pm.