SSA should screen passengers


To the Editor: 

This letter was originally sent to the Steamship Authority.

You can take a new, important role in our Island community.

You can use a fever-detecting thermometer on each passenger to the Island. Those having a temperature would not be allowed onboard. Obviously, people should be informed of this procedure before traveling to Woods Hole.

Also, as people debark, they should be encouraged to follow another new procedure: This would be to ration their travel on-Island to odd or even days, depending on the last number on their license plate. This would help to lessen the long lines of traffic, destructive exhaust, and wasted time.

Needless to say, we all care for our Island, Martha’s Vineyard, and its people. We should do all we can to help our Island.

Thanks very much for letting me make these suggestions.


Stephanie K. Michakzyk
Oak Bluffs