Tisbury: daffodil days


Heard on Main Street: If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.

I was sorry to hear about Rosalie Powell. She was a delightful person to know, a wonderful weaver, and will be missed by many. Our sympathies to her family.

I just love Daffodil Days. It is hard to imagine that we can buy glorious daffodils in winter and bring the blossoms of sunshine into our homes. And it also benefits our friends on the Island who have cancer.

Our Island sure seems quiet these days. That is not a bad thing, either. I hope you are doing well. Keep drinking a lot of water and washing your hands.

Thank you to the friends who are offering any help I may need. One called to say she was bringing me some homemade bread and asked if she could help with anything. She said she was happy to not only take my eyeglasses in for repair but also to do some shopping. It is heartwarming when younger friends think to offer help. And such a relief not to have to worry about these errands, which we would never think twice about in normal times.

I am sorry that the Vineyard Haven library is closed until the end of March. Of course, they cancelled the programming until May 1st. They do ask that you keep all the books you’ve read until after the library reopens. And maybe even give them a few days to catch up before you do take them back. I did get a few more books because I always enjoy reading, especially once my glasses are fixed.

I find odd thoughts running through my mind. It is suggested you keep a safe distance from those you meet. Those crowded markets were very strange. Does everyone really expect to run out of toilet paper in two weeks? Joan Druett in New Zealand emailed to ask if such crazy things were also happening here. It sounds as if cash may be the most dangerous thing you are likely to handle. At least you can wipe off the credit card. I wonder if chlorine will damage it.

I like that the Net Result says they will accept food orders by phone and even deliver it to your car if you ask. It does appear as if everyone is trying to make the best of a terrible situation. Be good to your neighbors and stay home if you feel ill. Even if you think you only have a cold, you must keep it to yourself.

The ad offering jobs to help with the 2020 Census brought back some memories. I did that in 1980. We had to track down anyone who didn’t return the form. Sometimes no one was living at that address. Of course, there was a teenage runaway living with her boyfriend who did not want anyone to find her.

I found I had more success in the early evening. At one apartment, a man opened the door into a short hallway which stopped at a large room. I was shocked at what I saw there. Men were lounging on sofas and chairs around a low but very large circular table which was covered with piles of money. A few rifles were apparent, next to some of the men. I was convinced my husband would never find my body.

One man explained the apartment was rented by a national bus company, and they were drivers. The apartment had four bedrooms and could sleep eight. The men were counting today’s cash for deposit before they went out to supper. I couldn’t believe I would live to go home. The bus drivers found it hilarious. It was a good story, but I remember that I didn’t get paid because I couldn’t fill out a new census form.

The town of Tisbury is looking for volunteers for several town committees. Volunteers are needed for the 350th town celebration steering committee and the Center for Living. You might have good ideas for the Steamship Authority long-range Vineyard transportation task force or the Steamship working group. Help is needed for the Vineyard healthcare access board and the Dukes County healthcare access oversight board. Tisbury also needs a representative for Cape Light Compact and Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative.

Potential applicants are asked to fill out a form online at http://bit.ly/Tisburyform. Send the completed form to Tisbury Board of Selectmen, Attn: Volunteers, PO Box 1239, Vineyard Haven MA 02568. Or you can email: pbennett@tisburyma.gov. You might volunteer and just not meet until a few more weeks have passed.

The 2020 U.S. Census is expected to begin this week. Keep an eye on your mail for the initial notification letter, and be sure to fill out your census form online, or by phone or mail. The online and phone versions are available in 13 languages, including English and Portuguese, and the mail-in version is available in English and Spanish. All responses are strictly confidential. The census will determine about $16 billion in federal funds to Massachusetts, so an accurate count is essential. The Census also affects political representation at the local, state, and federal levels, including the redrawing of legislative districts. For more information, or to get involved in your community, contact Keith Chatinover, chairman of the Dukes County Complete Count Committee, at kchatinover@gmail.com

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Lois Kavanagh, Susan Mone, and Susan Weyl. Tomorrow belongs to Phoenix Russell. Wish the best on Saturday to Barbara Dacey and Skip Bailey.

Heard on Main Street: If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.