First remote IHT homeownership lottery 

The IHT Lake Street homes. The Greenwood Avenue duplex homes utilize the same design and construction. — Courtesy Island Housing Trust

On Tuesday, March 10, Island Housing Trust (IHT) held its first remote IHT homeownership lottery via a video conference. According to a press release, six families were selected to purchase new homes on Greenwood Avenue in Tisbury. “It was an incredibly joyful moment in these challenging times. The smiles, cheers, and excitement were just as touching as if we were all in the room together!” Philippe Jordi, IHT executive director said. 


“At IHT we’re using every tool we have to keep ourselves and our community safe and healthy as we all cope with the impacts of COVID-19. We’re working remotely and collaborating with our staff, board, and partners via the technology we have in place,” Jordi said.


IHT plans to continue its work that has now become even more urgent. The group is doing everything it can to move families into their new homes over the next several months, and remains committed to its mission to end housing insecurity here on the Island.


“We’re all in this together, and we thank you for your tremendous support,” Jordi said.