Carly Simon and Ken Burns take us out to the ballgame

Who missed Major League Baseball’s opening day yesterday? We know we can’t go to a game right now, but we can watch Ken Burns’ 1994 documentary “Baseball” streaming free on PBS, or you can watch it on Amazon Prime. Burns stepped up to the plate with PBS to bring the episodes back just when we need them most. The bonus? Listening to Carly Simon’s two beautiful renditions of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” She took the Tin Pan Alley classic from 1908 and recorded two versions for the documentary — one is an upbeat call to the baseball diamond, and the other is a dreamy, almost haunting, song that feels especially appropriate for what’s happening now. 

In December 2015, Jack Shea wrote about the release of Simon’s book, “Boys in the Trees,” and in a Q & A, she said this: “When you love someone unconditionally, it’s a spiritual way, the highest form of love. Something inviolate, because it belongs to you.” 

Good words to remember while we hunker down with our loved ones, stream Ken Burns’ “Baseball,” and root for the home team while we sing along with our hometown favorite.