Schools are doing their part


To the Editor:

It’s so heartening to see the amazing ways people and organizations are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In particular, we would like to recognize the school our children attend, the West Tisbury School, for doing an outstanding job.

Our son’s teachers are providing engaging resources while staying reasonable and caring in their approach. The teachers are making regular video/Zoom calls to them. “Get outside and play!” has been some of their ongoing advice.

West Tisbury School is providing daily yoga, drumming, and meditation over Zoom, and also lending out Chromebooks.

Our superintendent is also providing helpful resources and updates, overseeing the meal distribution program and so much more than we probably realize.

We have friends with children in other places and it isn’t as smooth of an operation there.

A big thank you to our school and district!

Moira & Reid Silva
West Tisbury