Real Estate Transactions: March 9 to 27, 2020



March 17, Walter S. Gifford and Margaret L. Charpentier, trustees of the Mary Lee Gifford Irrevocable Trust, sold 6 Yardarm Lane to Chappaquoit Partners LLC for $933,755.


March 12, Josephine B. Emery sold 1 Plantingfield Wood Lane to Michael Flynn and Danielle Flynn for $1,200,000.

 March 19, Mark Blodgett and Ellen Glodgett sold 36 Pinehurst Road to 36-38 Pinehurst Road LLC for $675,000.

 March 20, Jayne Ehrlich sold 2 Sparrow Lane to Michael D. O’Brien, trustee of Sparrow Lane Realty Trust, for $790,500.

 March 25, Barbara Lebey sold 4 Noras Lane to 4 Noras Lane LLC for $3,050,000.

March 25, Norma B. Stanton and Richard J. Stanton, trustees of the Stanton Realty Trust, sold 16 Mercier Way to Ramamurthy Mani and Raji Balasubramanian for $1,400,000.

March 26, Cynthia A. Grilli sold 60 Curtis Lane to Wayne Zarozny and Susan Zarozny for $625,000.


March 9, Florence Anne Frazier sold a lot on Isaac Avenue to Walter L. Gold for $302,500.

March 11, R & R Realty Trust Inc. sold 9 Rogers Ways to Douglas R. Hoehn, trustee of MRK Nominee Trust for $375,000.

March 17, Richard S. Dubin, trustee of Pennsylvania Avenue Realty Trust, sold 78 Pennsylvania Avenue to Elizabeth Davis and Luis Penalver for $844,100.

March 23, Carbonneau Enterprises Inc. sold 37 Puritan Drive to William R. Panek and Megan Rose Panek for $863,000.

March 23, Linda E. Fandel sold 27 June Ave. to Robert Dutton and Margaret Conole for $362,600.

March 24, Kathryn M. Wolf, trustee of the Kathryn M. Wolf 2006 Revocable Agreement of Trust, sold 38 Meadow View Rd. to Tiffany Gueye and Mouhamed Gueye for $920,000.

March 26, John V. Felvey and Carter B. Felvey sold 33 Beach Rd. to Alexander M. Mason for $1,280,000.


March 10, Mary Sue Arnold sold Lot A on Main Street to Pamela S. Street and John Gordon Street, trustees of the Pamela S. Street Revocable Trust, for $3,985.99.

 March 16, Almost Never LLC sold 229 State Road to Longhorn Partners LLC for $910,000.

 March 16, John D. O’Callaghan Jr. sold 14 Franklin Terrace to Craig Samuel and Laura Canty-Samuel for $665,000.

 March 18, David A. Moreland and Janet L. Adams-Moreland sold 70 Goah Way to William T. Schoenfield and Laurie B. Schoenfield for $750,000.

March 25, Chase Lane LLC sold 34 Chase Lane to VH House LLC for $575,000.

March 26, John Parker Willis sold 122 Kuffies Point Way to Steven Weinstock and Nancy Schwartz Weinstock for $4,200,000.


March 12, Susan L. Lemoie-Zarba and John Zarba sold 111 Oak Lane to Brevin Adon Knight and Deena Knight for $1,510,000.

 March 18, Sheila Gates and Jean-Paul St. Germain sold a lot on Harpoon Lane to Arnold M. Fischer Jr., Eleanor D. Neubert, Jean F. O’Reilly, and the Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, trustees of the Priscilla P. Fischer 1994 Trust, for $400,000.

March 20, Ronald E. Wilson and Robin A. Repucci sold 21 Leona Lane to Robin A. Repucci, trustee of the Robin A. Repucci Revocable Trust, for $318,500.