Tisbury: Grateful for friendships


Heard on Main Street: When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.

Can it be April already? Lovely golden forsythia and grounded sunshine in daffodils? Blue skies don’t hurt either. It seems silly. I don’t remember needing to go outside to feel the sunshine on my face. This year it seems even more pleasant than ever to have a sunny day. I’m sure I’m not the only one with these ideas. Life is good, even if it is becoming a bit lonely sometimes.

Younger friends can only imagine what a special treat your gifts can be. I am old enough to realize how much it means to have help when you need it. And right now I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say we all appreciate the offers as well as the actual help. I cannot think of the words to say why I’d rather not go for food or medicine. I needed computer ink and paper – yes, I am trying to get some work done other than online. It was good to think I could order it before asking someone to pick it up.

There are also delightful surprises. One week it was homemade bread and a lovely bouquet of bright yellow tulips. Last week the surprise was fresh strawberries and a bottle of wine. Every taste or glimpse or sip was like a friendly soft hug to remind me that a thoughtful person was trying to make my life brighter and easier. There is no way to properly thank anyone for all these wonderful feelings. Except to simply say it: Thank you all.

My neighbors are wonderful, too. A text or phone call to offer help makes it easier to accept. It is comforting to know you are there if needed — and for many little tasks. I hope it is not just the wonderful people on this Island.

Oh, I do have complaints. Subaru is bombarding me with notices of a fairly minor recall. Really? I have to tell you, this is one thing I don’t need now.

The libraries are offering help to get movies and books online. The YMCA is trying to Zoom exercises to do at home. At least you can see there are still people moving around.

A friend emailed a short video showing a guy lurking curbside as a car pulled up. A loudly whispered name drew the guy to the car. He asked if she had the money. A wad of cash was passed over. Then the guy withdrew a roll of TP from inside his jacket and passed it over. And, yes, I had to smile. Then again, that may be because I already have what I need — I hope.

Another video to honor those parents enduring such close quarters with their little ones: You hear a child crying in the background as mother reaches into a brown bag. The cries quiet as she doles out a couple of little juice boxes and inserts the small straws. Then she pulls out a large straw and inserts it into a big box of French wine.

It is good that we can still laugh. One off-Island restaurant I enjoy is offering not only a discount on price, but also one role of TP with orders. They had a note: Hurry before supplies are wiped out.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Tom Zinno. Wish the very best to Janet Holladay on Monday. You all know she is the best book editor on this Island, right?

Heard on Main Street: Try to find pleasure in the trip as we ride this wave together.