Saturday: Hospital discloses eleventh positive COVID-19 result

The Vineyard now has 12 COVID-19 cases.


Martha’s Vineyard Hospital announced Saturday morning that a total of eleven positive tests have come back for the Vineyard.  

“To date, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital has collected samples for 134 tests for the coronavirus,” a release states,we have had 11 positive test results, 112 negative test results, and 11 pending test results.” 

The hospital claims zero patients who’ve tested positive for COVID-19 are presently admitted. 

As The Times previously reported, Tisbury health agent Maura Valley confirmed a case on the Vineyard with a symptomatic diagnosis on Tuesday. That case remains untested and is not included in the 11 cases the hospital reports. 

“The hospital reports positive test results so that would not include the symptomatically diagnosed individual,” Tisbury health agent Maura Valley said in an email to The Times. 

This would bring the total identified cases to twelve.

  • Not enough information here. The med flight company says they have brought “a few” patients to Boston. What is their status? Have any died? Do we have the right to know?
    I can’t wait for the governor’s tracking program to get going. The first one in the country! Brilliant!

  • Thanks for the report. It would be good for morale if the hospital would also report recoveries as they occur.

  • Not enough info indeed!
    I believe that each time a new “tested positive” is reported, we should know what was going on in that persons life over the previous 2 weeks before diagnosis.
    We’re they in compliance with all of the recommended lock down procedures?
    Were they wearing gloves, masks, maintaining 6 foot distancing, washing while singing the alphabet song, using hand sanitizers, isolating???
    Were they doing none of the above, or some of the above?
    Were they traveling?
    Were they hanging out in groups, visiting others, in public buildings?
    It sure would help those of us trying to avoid a positive diagnosis ourselves to have these answered!
    I think anyone reporting on this, must be gathering and publishing this information!

    • If you don’t want to be exposed, stay home and have everyone in your house stay home. When one person goes out to get food or medicine, no more than once a week, that person must go through all the decon before entering the home– that includes shoes and clothing. Learn how to remove a mask and gloves. What more do you need to know about anyone else? People who have it were exposed, not because they wanted to be, but because they were. If you follow all the guidelines to a T, you will be safe.

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