We are in this together


To the Editor:

As a lifelong Islander, I am deeply upset by the verbal abuse with which some of my dearest family friends from New York, who happened to be here when the pandemic struck, have received simply because of their license plate.

We have been co-quarantining with them, all strictly following the protocols and helping where we safely can.

My friends own a home here, pay taxes, and contribute to our local community. But, even all that aside, they are human beings, frightened as much as all the rest of us for their family, friends, and themselves as well as for the rest of the world.

There is never an appropriate time for people to disrespect one another. And especially now, when we all are hoping and praying for a swift end to this global nightmare. NOW is the time for us all to support one another, not to tear each other down. We are all in this together.

Julia Mitchell Christensen
West Tisbury


  1. West Tisbury, well for the past 4 years you all tear each (us) other down so why take a brake now just because everybody is scared and afraid?
    Reminds me of 911 then the Towers came down, you could not find or buy a American flag anywhere.
    Then once the dust settled you were back to tearing each other down all over again.

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