Poet’s Corner: Out of an Abundance of Caution


Out of an Abundance of Caution
By Fan S. Ogilvie

I regret to inform you that life as it never was
is closed for repairs for cleaning for more agreeable
and compatible existence with all creatures of this earth.

It took an invisible but powerful enemy to bring
us down, especially the elderly
who have ripened for this onslaught, but they

are pleased to make this sacrifice for the planet.
Just ask my self-deceased grandmother who chose
to die when the generation beneath her began to die.

What has been called “flatten the Curve” takes
a universal approach – don’t let the bugger in-
not my lungs you won’t. It’s at the door

(Struggle and fight ensues apace)
Don’t look now but it’s at the door.
Die bugger die die now.

Fan Ogilvie has published two books of poems, “You” and “Easinesses Found,” several chapbooks, including “The Other Side of the Hill” and “In this Place,” and a memoir, “Knot a Life.” She is planning to publish a poetry dialogue between herself and Sappho. She lives in West Tisbury with Robin Motherwell Ogilvie, her Irish Russell terrier, and her husband Donald. She facilitates the Cleaveland House Poets poetry workshop, and reads poems regularly at the M.V. Center for Living.

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