Tisbury: Your vote is needed


Heard on Main Street: This too shall pass. By next winter?

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine on Easter. I had a lovely holiday, complete with a chocolate Easter bunny, jellybeans, and an Easter lily in full bloom. I also enjoyed prayerfully counting all my blessings, especially for the wonderful Islanders who are so kind and help in so many ways. A simple thank you hardly covers it.

The Tisbury Town Meeting and election have been cancelled but will be rescheduled by the selectmen before June 30. All voters now need to file an application for absentee voting in order to vote in the town election. You can get it online or ask a computer friend to print it for you. Or send a letter to Town Clerk, P.O. Box 606, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568, asking it to be mailed to you. Once you fill out the application, mail it back or drop it in the box outside town hall. Your ballot will be mailed to you. Fill that out before the election and mail it back. Even if you think you don’t care about the local election, you should realize you have to elect those people who work for you in the town. That includes many people on boards that support places that help you, such as the library and board of health and senior center. And the new selectman. Your vote is needed to keep them working for you.

Did you fill out the 2020 census? We were told that you had to have a number to do this. That is not true. You can go online to 2020census.gov. It is a simple form. I was told the blank forms are not being sent to a P.O. Box. That doesn’t make sense because we got forms in 2010. But being counted is more critical than you may realize.

It is very important that every person, every child, is listed. No one will know if you are not a legal resident for 70 years so just fill it out. It will mean that all kinds of federal funding due back to us from taxes will benefit you now. Ask any lawyer if you don’t believe me.

The census data cannot be released for 70 years. So if you are 20 now, you may not even live long enough to be able to see it again. However, it is critical for federal funding for schools and libraries and roads and bridges. And any number of other things that benefit your life today.

Every day we find new and comfortable ways to connect with others. But there are also some that may be both intrusive and totally not worth the aggravation. You still should not answer the annoying calls from telemarketers who seem to be able to call even if you think you are on a list that bans them.

Do you have a keen sense of smell? Did you know that many people who get the coronavirus lose their sense of smell, at least temporarily, according to an ear-nose-throat doctor at Cape Cod Hospital. I understand this can also affect anyone with a virus. But I hear that about 30 percent of people with the coronavirus who may not even have had a fever, may still have endured this loss of the sense of smell. I wonder if anyone asked them?

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Jack Rizza, Becky Renear, and Ann Maley. Best wishes go out on Sunday for Rozetta Hughes and Bob Tankard. Candles will be blazing on Tuesday for Queen Elizabeth II. A wise woman, she has a grand celebration on another day when the weather is nicer.

Heard on Main Street: How come Superman could stop bullets with his chest but always ducked when someone threw a gun at him?