Team Lunch Ladies makes it to the finale

Team Lunch Ladies Eli Carroll and Jennifer Devivo compete in the first challenge, as seen on "The Great Food Truck Race," Season 12. — Courtesy Food Network

Island lunch ladies for the up-Island regional school district, Jenny Devivo and Nisa Webster, represent the Vineyard community in the Food Network show “The Great Food Truck Race.” Now the Island lunch ladies have made the finals. They’ll be on the Food Network finale at 9 pm on Thursday, April 23. 

“The Great Food Truck Race: Gold Coast” features seven different food truck teams competing for a chance to win $50,000. For season 12, which premiered Thursday, March 19, team Lunch Ladies, made up of Devivo, Webster, and Eli Carroll, drove all across the country debuting their school-lunch themed cuisine. “Our motto is that we think outside the lunch box,” Devivo said. To go along with the school lunch-themed food truck, Team Lunch Ladies drove around the country in an actual school bus provided by the show. “I want to give a shout out to the Food Network and the race for giving so much attention to the lunch ladies,” Devivo said.

Webster said working in a food truck was a little bit of a change compared to their normal routine in Island schools, but they quickly adapted. “It was obviously a different environment than we usually work in. I have a pretty big catering background, so that helped us with the on-the-road aspect,” Webster said.

Devivo said her mission in the food truck race is one she organically gravitated toward, and is one she will continue to relentlessly pursue as a lunch lady and food educator on the Island. 

Tune in to “The Great Food Truck Race: Gold Coast,” on the Food Network and cheer for the Island team, Team Lunch Ladies, on Thursday, April 23, at 9 pm.