Tisbury: A new world


Heard on Main Street: The less time I have to work with, the more things I get done.

These last several weeks have made that so clear. I have all the time in the world and am getting very little accomplished. I thought I would put this time to good use. I hope someone did, because I am most certainly not.

Finally, we know why more men than women are getting the virus. Scientists have discovered that a large percentage of women wash their hands a lot. But only just about half of the men admit that they do it.

Have you noticed how the TV programmers schedule all the good stuff at the same time? Thank heavens I can copy the stuff I want to watch. The older I get, the more I realize that I only want to watch certain things at certain times — like at my convenience. Besides, I don’t like to stay up late anymore.

I didn’t realize our beautiful Bradford pear trees were in full bloom. I look forward to these blossoms. This year I nearly missed them completely. I guess you could say I don’t get out much anymore.

Each week our wonderful library emails a number of special events you can access online. If you don’t get the email or have questions, you can call 508 696-4210. Leave a message, and your call will be returned, or email vhpl_mail@clamsnet.org, or check the website vhlibrary.org.

The library suggestions include ideas for kids as well as films, books, and activities. I should ask when I can request books because I am running out. But then, they are still closed so I assume that is not in the works. They really do not want you to return anything you have borrowed until they reopen. I will tell you that by the time of the summer library book sales, I will be first in line. Whether I am allowed to go out or not!

It is beginning to seem as if this world is the one we will live in forever. The more I hear about ‘phases’ in reopening or releasing us, the more I am convinced those of us over 60 cannot expect to come out of our homes into the real world. At least now we are permitted — if we dare — to shop — before the stores are totally contaminated. I hope places are really washing things down at night. But if you are wearing gloves and a mask, it shouldn’t matter until you get home.

I am starting to think that may not be the world I want to live in. However, as my English cousin keeps telling me, the Brits were told the lockdown for seniors was probably until mid June. And it is not yet even May. At least I think it’s not. In this world, I am not sure who to believe.

Counting our blessings could take a while. We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful place with so many good people. Who could imagine how many really funny stories and cartoons and videos other people would send? Sometimes it is all I can do to keep up with the flow. I have to admit that there is nothing so wonderful as having a good laugh first thing in the morning. It does wonders for me, even if all this complaining doesn’t sound that way.

Big bunches of birthday balloons go out to Alexandra Habekost on Saturday. Wish the best to Jessica Soleil and Melanie Jane Dickson on Tuesday. Happy birthday to John McCarthy on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: I tried a cartwheel the other day. I thought it was like riding a bike. It’s not.

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