MVRHS boys tennis 2019-20, the season that might have been


This letter was originally sent to the student athletes by the team’s coaches.

To The Editor:

It’s official, there will be no high school tennis season this year. Governor Baker has declared that Massachusetts schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2010 year. We can only imagine what the season would have been like for us. All but one player returning from a stellar 20-1 season last year and the addition of some top flight freshmen. Many of you played through the winter in the bubble, unlike last year when it was not up, so we can guess that we would have started out stronger than last year. Our top three singles players were returning, Chris Ferry, Max Potter and Eric Reubens, as well as our number one doubles team of Spencer Pogue and Owen Favreau. We anticipated a battle for second doubles positions with the freshman challenging senior Luke Nivala and sophomore Ben Belilse.

We are usually judged by what we do and what we do is influenced by what we think we can do, by our dreams and goals, by our preparation and knowledge and by our habits.

I think we all had dreams of a championship season. Let this dream help guide our futures. It’s a big world out there. I believe we will move on from this virus crisis to a better world and I expect that members of the 2019-20 MVRHS boys tennis team that might have been will be important contributors to that world. If there is anything we can do to help you reach your goals feel free to ask.

Congratulations to our seniors. Owen will be off to Amherst College next year, Spencer to Columbia University, Chris is still trying to make up his mind between three colleges and Luke hopes to start his own cutting edge business. Best of luck to you all. Be safe and be healthy.

Tony Omer
West Tisbury

Ryan Sawyer