Real Estate Transactions: April 20-April 24, 2020



April 21, Richard Coleman sold 68 Meeting House Rd. to Melanie C. Wells for $1,275,000.

April 24, Rosemarie Deslauriers and David Recave, trustees of the Walter R. Silva 1994Trust sold a 50% interest in 135R Middle Rd. to Tobias S. Silva and Deborah E. Silva for $1.


April 24, Kenneth C. Galley and Aushra R. Galley sold 59 Chase Rd. to Joseph R. Pastore and Christopher D. Soverns for $475,000.


April 23, Ian D. MacLachlan sold 385 County Rd. to David C. Hammett for $525,000.


April 23, Welch-Wood Realty Trust Inc. sold 23 Wick Way to NMD State Rd. LLC for $2,100,000.

April 23, April K. Krajeski, trustee of the April Nominee Trust, sold 108 William St. to Robert J. Gilbert, trustee of Violet 2020 Realty Trust for $2,450,000.