Tower topples at Lucy Vincent Beach

Before and after the tower at Lucy Vincent Beach fell.

A tower of densely packed sand on Lucy Vincent Beach has toppled following high surf and heavy rains on Thursday and Friday. The tower was a remnant of a cliffside that collapsed during Super Storm Sandy in 2012 and in the months that followed

Longtime beachcomber Helen Neumann, a resident of Chilmark, said she believed the tower fell early Saturday morning based on her prior observations of it, and because a report she received of a rumble in the vicinity of the beach at approximately 3 am Saturday. Neumann has photographed the tower for years and posts the photos on her Facebook page

“I noticed on Wednesday the base was deteriorating very rapidly,” she said.

Just after 9 am Saturday, the fallen tower lay broken in a cluster of boulder-like hunks. A number of beach strollers explored these hunks farthest from the water’s edge, as waves battered those closer to the shoreline.


  1. That section of the cliff remnant was composed of highly compacted sand and gravel. There is no clay in it.

  2. It wasn’t always a ‘tower”. It was part of the coastline. Fully connected to to the mainland 30 years ago.
    I wonder how many climate deniers and sea level rise deniers will tell us that this is “fake news”

    • I couldn’t help but read your comment in Debbie Downer’s voice. ???? Sorry, just had to share.

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