Tower topples at Lucy Vincent Beach

Before and after the tower at Lucy Vincent Beach fell.

A tower of densely packed sand on Lucy Vincent Beach has toppled following high surf and heavy rains on Thursday and Friday. The tower was a remnant of a cliffside that collapsed during Super Storm Sandy in 2012 and in the months that followed

Longtime beachcomber Helen Neumann, a resident of Chilmark, said she believed the tower fell early Saturday morning based on her prior observations of it, and because a report she received of a rumble in the vicinity of the beach at approximately 3 am Saturday. Neumann has photographed the tower for years and posts the photos on her Facebook page

“I noticed on Wednesday the base was deteriorating very rapidly,” she said.

Just after 9 am Saturday, the fallen tower lay broken in a cluster of boulder-like hunks. A number of beach strollers explored these hunks farthest from the water’s edge, as waves battered those closer to the shoreline.