West Tisbury Farmers Market is moving to fairgrounds

The West Tisbury Farmers Market will have a new location and new protocols when it opens in June. - Lexi Pline

The West Tisbury Farmers Market is moving down State Road to the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society fairgrounds, according to Ag Society president Brian Athearn. Farmers market co-manager Collins Heavener confirmed the location switch was planned due to the pandemic. 

“We’ll always be there for the farmer’s market if they need us,” Athearn said.

“We need a lot more space than the Grange Hall has available,” Heavener said.

He said he expects vendors will be spaced at least 10 to 12 feet apart and vendors have been encouraged “to look into online ordering platforms.”

He noted there will be a lot of changes in protocol and the experience will be more like a grocery store than before. 

Spearpoint Oysters and Cottage City Oysters will be part of the market this season along with Capt. Wes Brighton of the scalloper Martha Rose, he said.

An opening for June 13 is contingent on final approval of the West Tisbury board of health, he said. “We’ve been struggling to get in touch with the board of health to get 100 percent approval,” he said.

He said this seems to be because Health Agent Omar Johnson is “inundated” with COVID-19 related work. 

Johnson could not be immediately reached for comment. 

“We intend to return to the grange when all this is done,” Heavener said.


  1. Sounds like a great move and should possibly be permanent, more space, more parking, easy access.

  2. A good way to test out why the move from the Grange is the answer to the crowds, traffic, and parking. But if it’s crowded this year, I’ll stay away.

  3. Anyone overly worried about the dangerous world outside their doors should stay home
    The rest of us will try to regain some sort of normalcy to our lives in this season to come

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