Tisbury: Delightful surprises everywhere


Heard on Main Street: It’s OK to admit that chocolate helps.

And isn’t it wonderful to have The MV Times in our hands again?

It is hard to believe that when I last saw my son and granddaughters in February, I wasn’t sure if I could go back before his birthday — next week. That seemed such a long time. And now it seems so far in the past I can hardly believe it. And now I can’t go, even if the ferries run.

Can I admit I am seriously tired of all this? Thanks. I knew you’d agree.

I am so tired of Subaru telling me my car needs repairs for two recalls. Do they really think they need to rub it in? So what do I do if the passenger seat falls out the next time I drive? Or whatever the problem is.

And the turkeys. Really? All over the world there are sweet little lambs crowding the city streets. Or happy, hoppy kangaroos dancing down Main Street. We have raucous turkey hens squawking at the males to leave them alone, even if it is spring. And the males are thundering their feathers and turning blue in the face while chasing the hens. What happened to sweet chirping at sunrise? Those happy sounds are not apparent in my neighborhood.

At least the Vineyard Haven library is trying to help us cope. Thursday, May 14, at 2 pm, they will feature an online program about scams and identity theft. Guys, that does not help! I am trying to cope here. I don’t need to worry about my credit card just when I am practically the sole support of Amazon. Maybe they may know some things that could protect me, but their timing is terrible.

There are some good things being offered. You can join the online Library Book Club. You can discuss the book next week, at 1:30 pm on Thursday, May 21. Oh yes, the book — it’s called “The Giver of Stars,” by Jojo Moyes. It does sound hopeful.

I was becoming desperate for books — not quite at the “reading the cereal box” stage, but it was coming. One friend gave me a whole pile of books she’d been given. The series is historical fiction, with lots of truth in it, featuring events in the 15th century. It is amazingly fun to question events, only to find out they are just slightly changed. I am enjoying learning as well as being entertained.

Trivia fans will love the All Island Trivia Challenge, hosted by the Island libraries online this Saturday, May 16, at 7 pm. Registration is required for this free event, which will be on Zoom. You can register for a team, but the team can only use one smartphone or tablet to submit answers. Register at bit.ly/3c7TjFP. That line is probably on the library website as well.

I love Zoom when it works. And they have obviously been trying to make it work better, because now it seems to allow me to join in. You can learn how to use Zoom on the Zoom Channel on YouTube. (Ten years ago I would never have understood that sentence, never mind written it.) Anyway, you can learn how to sign up for a free account and enjoy it as well. Your VH library will help if you need to set up a practice Zoom session, as well.

People suggesting e-books don’t understand that I like to hold a real book in my hands. Perhaps I am just too old-fashioned, but I am happier reading that way. A friend in Florida mailed me a nice box full of English mysteries. Good friends give us such good surprises.

For Mother’s Day, one friend had found some things she hadn’t been able to find for me in the grocery store. She delivered these, and brought them with a smile as well. Another gave me two lovely flowering plants to brighten my day, as well as a very delicious apple pie. Islanders force me to realize just how wonderful a place this is to live.

Stay safe, and take the time to be especially thankful for where we are and how very fortunate we are to live here.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Brendan O’Neill. On Saturday, wish the best to Jill Walsh. All my love and best birthday wishes go to our son Craig Mayhew next Tuesday, and I wish I could send hugs as well. Happy birthday to Maura Ziemian on Wednesday.

Maura and her husband Arn are enjoying Florida now, as are many of our summer friends who recognize they are safer staying home than traveling. We miss you all.

Heard on Main Street: Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.

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