Everyday Heroes: Warren Holmberg, pharmacist/owner of Leslie’s Drug


As pharmacist and owner at Leslie’s Drug, Warren Holmberg is serving a vital role. These days this Everyday Hero stays busy fulfilling prescriptions for the Island community, including the influx of seasonal residents, and is adapting by preparing medicine for curbside pick up.

Warren has been navigating around the pandemic for months, thanks in part to the proactive efforts of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Early on, the hospital invited Warren and all Island pharmacies to a conference call in order to establish safety guidelines and protocol should a COVID-19 patient need medication. After the phone call he was relieved and comforted by the hospital’s communication and thoughtful strategic plan. 

Warren will stay open as long as he can and is committed to serving his community. Clearly his passion for pharmacy runs deep, marked by his “Bowl of Hygieia” tattoo. Thank you Warren!


  1. Warren and his family have been serving the island for many years and YES has been the backbone not just within his business but with the type of kindness, empathy and responsibilities! It don’t surprise me to know other folks have been touched! Fred Thornbrugh

  2. I routinely drive from Chappaquiddick to do business with Leslie’s, a solid business owned and staffed by the best.

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