Oak Bluffs: Holiday weekend


Gifts to me this past Monday morning were the cardinals, chickadees, flickers, and hummingbirds who paid me visits off and on throughout the day. They loved the hanging baskets of flowers overflowing with their favorite colors of red and yellow, and of course the oranges we stuck in the lilac bushes are irresistible. The crowning touch at the end of the day was the family of three deer that meandered through my next-door neighbor’s yard, then strolled into the forest park in back of my house, signaling their departure with a whip of their white tails.

Our country is slowly opening up like a flower that has survived a turbulent spring and is coming to life. Good news is that many of the restaurants in town are opening up for takeout only, and with due diligence for safety. Among our favorites added to the list are Linda Jeans and the Lookout. They will join the Barn, Bangkok Cuisine, and Offshore Ale, which have been open for some time. It has been difficult for so many proprietors to see their business they have worked so hard to make successful be on the fringe of closing forever because of this virus. We wish you all success in the months ahead.

We were so sad to hear of the death of TM Araujo. He of the smiling face and loving manner passed Sunday last. Sincere condolences to his large family and many friends.

“These are the times that try men’s souls … He that [serves his country] now deserves the love and thanks of men and women.”  –Thomas Paine. Memorial Day means different things to different people. Some people just take it as an opportunity for cookouts, beach parties, and family celebrations. Although there is some controversy over when or how it had its beginnings, it seems to have started shortly after the end of the Civil War. Members of the political party Grand Army of the Republic, or the GAR as it was known, started what was then called Decoration Day. The first one was held at Arlington National Cemetery on May 30, when flowers were strewn on the graves of soldiers. That date was chosen as it was believed many flowers would be in bloom to decorate the graves. Around 3,000 people were present to observe the ceremony, and to this day, when Memorial Day services are held there, the number present remains constant at approximately 3,000. At the end of World War One, the observance now included honoring the dead of all American wars, and eventually the name was changed to Memorial Day, and the date to the last Monday in May. Please take a moment this Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, to fly our flag, perhaps phone a veteran to thank them, and as the National Moment of Remembrance encourages all Americans to do, “at 3 pm observe a minute of silence in honor of the thousands of people who fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy today.”

Happy anniversary wishes to neighbors Susie and Mike Wallo on May 26.

We send birthday smiles to Doreen Anderson on May 22, my neighbor Kay Manning on the 24th, Jack Garrett on the 25th, James Trip and Connie deFelice on May 26, and Cheryl King on the 28th.

Enjoy your week.

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