Ahoy! Boat accident on State Road 


A boat landed on State Road late Friday morning. Mariner Jason Gale told The Times he was hauling an old bay scallop boat, the Double Digit, when someone cut him off, and he was forced to lock up his brakes. Gale said the boat hurtled partway off the trailer it was on, and when he turned into the parking lot of SBS, it fell completely off onto the road.

Gale asked SBS owner Liz Packer for a helping hand. Packer, who comes from a storied nautical family, said she “put on her Tisbury Towing hat,” in reference to her father’s tugboat and barge business, and used her front-end loader to clear the boat from the road. She fondly described the front-end loader as “the most awesome machine in the world.”

Gale said the boat wasn’t damaged, and has been reloaded. 

“Much thanks to her,” he said of Packer. “She’ll be getting a couple lobsters at the end of the day.”