55Plus: TV for Living


M.V. Center for Living Supportive Day Program is expanding its community service outreach this summer.  Beginning in June, MVTV will air a weekly television program on Wednesdays at 11 am, highlighting our virtual programs, and providing an opportunity for caregivers to connect with us for ideas and support.  We’re calling this new program,“TV for Living,” and will offer ideas for meaningful activity while at home to the Island’s community of caregivers.

Some of the program highlights will include Art Projects: collaging, watercolors; Food Events: home-based Fourth of July picnic, no-bake treats; Reminiscing Projects: photo albums, picture books, and maps; Household Projects: washing dishes, cleaning silver, and folding laundry.  Throughout each program, the host will share tips and tools for easing the day for caregivers and elders who live with disability and memory impairments, and who now, in order to be safe, must remain isolated at home.

Stay tuned!