MVRHS awards show must go on

Virtual event provides opportunity to recognize student achievement.

Senior Alex Rego attends virtual honors night. — Courtesy Alex Rego

On Thursday night, the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School community joined together — virtually — to celebrate the achievements of students over the past academic year. This honors night at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS) looked different than those in years past. Unfortunately, the event could not serve as an opportunity for students, faculty, and parents to physically come together in the usual celebration of students’ diligence and hard work. However, the honors night functioned as a clear tribute to both students’ and teachers’ resilience in an uncertain time. MVRHS handed out 542 awards and distinctions to a total of 273 recipients. The awards ceremony, prerecorded by faculty members, was broadcast on the MVRHS website, and lasted about an hour.

Principal Dingledy spoke of the past few weeks of academics in quarantine as an arduous experience for the MVRHS community. “It’s incredibly challenging to stay engaged when it doesn’t seem to matter for the purposes of grades, GPA, or admission to college,” Dingledy said.

Dingledy was proud to note that many students saw this time as an opportunity to dig deeper in engagement with the MVRHS community. “In many ways, this period is a true test of curiosity and community-mindedness, and the vast majority of our students have passed this theoretical test with flying colors,” Dingledy said.

This year, the ceremony did not recognize its usual distinction of consistent honor roll, as only two quarters of the school year will count toward the honor roll, given the interruption. Dingledy noted that this limited measure did not feel like an accurate representation of students’ academic work throughout the entire year.

The Seal of Biliteracy, awarded by Justine DeOliveira, was given to five students for English and Portuguese (see full awards list below for all recipients). The award was granted to seven students for English and Spanish. Juan Sanchez Roa was awarded the Massachusetts Seal of Biliteracy with distinction. These honors serve as a demonstration of a recipient’s mastery of at least two languages. Last year was the first year these particular awards were offered, DeOliveira said.

The National Honors Society Teacher of the Year Award, given by Alex Rego on behalf of the 2020 executive council, was awarded to Melissa Braillard. The award was started at MVRHS last year as recognition of a teacher who exemplifies four categories of National Honors scholarship: leadership, character, scholarship, and service. Rego thanked teachers for their dedication and consideration over the past few months, and said that educators have gone “the extra mile, or the extra hundred miles, if you will, to engage us, challenge us, and support us.”

The Book Awards were given to Owen Atkins (Suffolk University), Ethan Creato (Dartmouth College), Peter Gilllis (Harvard University), Maria Clara Lacerda (Saint Michael’s College), Finley Monahan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Nathaniel Porterfield (Western New England University), Max Potter (Saint Michael’s College), Ruby Reimann (Smith College), Eric Reubens (University of Notre Dame), Zachary Smith (George Washington University), and Willa Welch (Lasell University). These accolades were granted by colleges and universities nationwide in honor of high school students in the class of 2021 who are top academic achievers and leaders in their community.

The National Merit Scholarship Award was earned by class of 2020 valedictorian Jaiden Edelman. Edelman was also awarded the Segnem Egere Award for Excellence in Mathematics, the Excellence in Acting award, and the Presidential Scholar Award, among several other awards. According to Dingledy, the Presidential Scholar Award is an incredibly competitive award, and was only granted to 161 students in the class of 2020 nationwide. 

Award certificates will be available for pickup on June 2 and 3, when students come to school to drop off materials. 

As Nell Coogan, restorative coordinator at the high school, said while presenting the MVRHS character awards, “Congratulations to all of the 2020 award winners. You are all amazing students.”

2020 Honors Night Awards: Here are the winners

 Art, Design and Technology, presented by Chris Baer

Excellence in Drawing and Painting, Fiona Smilie

Excellence in Photography and Graphics, Kayleigh Bollin

Excellence in 3D Design and Architecture, Keaton Aliberti

Excellence in Crafts and Sculpture, Gabriela Vieira

Excellence in Game Design, Samuel Fetters

Excellence in Programming, Matthew Quinn Littlefield

Excellence in Interactive Art, Romain Lyn


Effort and Leadership in Art, Design and Technology:

Grade 9, Samantha Folts             

Grade 10, Amelia Kyburg-Abbott, Tessa Hammond

Grade 11, Madeline Chronister    

Grade 12, Kieran Karabees           


Athletics, presented by Mark McCarthy

Sportsmanship Award, Megan Zeilinger, Kenneth Hatt

Outstanding Student Athlete in Academics, Alexandra Rego, Peter Burke

Outstanding Student Athlete in Competition, Skyla Harthcock, Jared Regan

Unsung Hero, Colby Zarba            

Unsung Heroine, Catherine Cherry


MIAA Pillar Awards                                 

Leadership, Ruby Reimann, Nathaniel Porterfield

Community Service, Willa Welch, Max Potter

Coaches’ Education, Maria Frangos, Zachary Smith

Sportsmanship, Charlotte Packer, Nicholas De Paula

Wellness, Avery Simmons, James Dyke


Graduating Senior Award from the U.S. Figure Skating Association, presented by Jane Taylor

Avalon Weiland, Molly Carroll, Megan Zeilinger


Career and Technical Education, presented by Barbara-jean Chauvin

Excellence in Automotive:                

Exploratory, Nathan Cuthbert

Level I, Kaio Pereira

Level II, Jacob Gurney

Level III, Kelly Cleary


Excellence in Business and Marketing:

Exploratory, Rachel Arruda

Business and Marketing, Kaitlyn Freeman

Marketing, Sam Hoyt


Excellence in Carpentry:                   

Exploratory, Nathan Cuthbert

Level I, Anthony Dias

Level II, Jamarlem Alves

Level III, Solon Oliver


Excellence in Culinary Arts:             

Exploratory, Graysen Kirk

Level I, Sophie Palmer

Level II, Marcellus Rubio

Level III, Anthony Chick


Excellence in Health Assisting:        

Level I, Emmalee Maciel

Level II, Ana Clara Lopes

Level III, Taylor Hughes


Excellence in Horticulture:               

Exploratory, Kinley Rinzin

Level I, Cameron Geary

Level II, Madeline Chronister

Level III, Jackson Pizzano


Excellence in Maritime Sciences:    

Exploratory, Nathan Cuthbert

Level I, Caleb Burt

Level II, Zachary Ward


MVA Presidential Award, Madeline Chronister (Horticulture), Jacob Gurney (Automotive)

Massachusetts Outstanding Vocational Technical Student Award, Taylor Hughes


English, presented by Cynthia Cowan

Excellence in English, Grade 9, Jack Crawford, Julia Sayre, Madeleine Bengtsson, Annabelle Brothers, Daniel Serpa          


Excellence in English, Grade 10, Ashley Brasefield, Asaph Nunes, Alison Custer, Harding Eville, Jessie Dlabaj, Ingrid Moore


Excellence in English, Grade 11, Eric Reubens, Madeline Chronister, Leo Neville, Ellie Dolby            


Excellence in English, Grade 12, Olivia Schroeder, Jaiden Edelman, Owen Favreau


Effort and Leadership Award in English:

Grade 9, Jacob Glasgow, Kinley Rinzin, Wadeline Florime, Lily Moran, Samantha Folts, Kamar Dehaney                                                                                                                 

Grade 10, Lara Rebecca Correa-Silva, Kaleb Hatt, Isabella Clarke, Hiaggo Gonçalves, Hilary Rodrigues, Graham Stearns, Sara Creato, Emmett Favreau            

Grade 11, Chloe Combra, Danielle Oteri, Hope Bettencourt, Ana Clara Lopes, Kaya Seiman                  

Grade 12, Vito Aiello, Jack Holmes, Molly Carroll, Nicole deBettencourt, Jada Randolph, Christopher Ferry


Crime Fiction/Bogart Award, Peter Burke

Science Fiction/Quasar Award, Abigail Hammarlund

Morelli Award, Amelia Simmons


English as a Second Language, presented by Dianne Norton

Excellence in ESL 1, Kailaine de Oliveira, Rayane Da Silva, Maria Eduarda Lainez

Excellence in ESL 2, Nandyeli Cristo, Everthon Da Silva                     

The Phoenix Award ESL 1-2, Camila Celestin, Rayssa dos Santos, Amanda Cardoso

Excellence in Advanced ESL, Eduardo Marques, Vitoria Da Trindade                     

The Phoenix Award ESL 3-4, Gabriel Dos Santos, Rhay Rodrigues 


Foreign Languages, presented by Justine DeOliveira

MA Foreign Language Association Awards:                                                

Award for Leadership in a Foreign Language, Ana Clara Ribeiro                                 

Award for Excellence in Portuguese, Stephany Ribeiro                                              

Award for Excellence in French, Jaiden Edelman                                                  

Award for Excellence in Spanish, Alexandra Rego                                                         


Effort and Leadership in Foreign Languages:                                             

Grade 9, Madeleine Bengtsson, Julia Sayre, Jacob Riis, Sophia Kokoszka, Vitoria Da Trindade, Nikola Nikolov                    

Grade 10, Tenley Brooks, Jessie Dlabaj, Kaleb Hatt, Kayla Debettencourt, Jayden Coyle, Ryan Giordano, Maria Eduarda Lainez, Alison Custer

Grade 11, Brooke Crocker, Nathaniel Porterfield, Lydia Carlos, Micah Vought             

Grade 12, Imani Hall, Jenaleigh Griffin, Catherine Cherry                                           


MA Seal of Biliteracy: 

Portuguese, Linda Borges, Gabriella Carlos Silva, Maria Vitória De Oliveira, Rhanna De Oliveira, Stephany Ribeiro                        

Spanish, Owen Favreau, Imani Hall, Rose Herman, Spencer Pogue, Hannah Rabasca, Alexandra Rego, Joseph Serpa


Massachusetts Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction    

Spanish, Juan Sanchez Roa


History, presented by Olsen Houghton 

History and Social Studies:                                                             

Excellence in U.S. History I, Madeleine Bengtsson   

Excellence in U.S. History II, Jessie Dlabaj                

Excellence in Global History I, Gabriella Carr            

Excellence in Global History II, Vitoria Krasa, Stephany Ribeiro

Excellence in AP Modern European History, Owen Favreau, Olivia Schroeder

Excellence in AP U.S. History, Ingrid Moore, Zachary Utz

Excellence in AP World History, Eric Reubens, Willa Welch

Excellence in Historical Fiction Workshop, Taylor Hughes

Excellence in Grade 10 Humanities, Ashley Brasefield, Peyton Jeffers

Excellence in Grade 11 Humanities, Kaya Seiman


Effort and Leadership in History/Social Studies:                                        

Grade 9, Nikola Nikolov                                          

Grade 10, Samuel Fetters, Kaleb Hatt                     

Grade 11, Max Potter                                               

Grade 12, Caitlin McHugh, Joshua Pinto, Wilson Riley


Math, presented by Carole Flanders

Excellence in Algebra I, Anna Duarte               

Excellence in Algebra II, Marina Pessoni           

Excellence in Advanced Algebra II, Henry D’Andrea                       

Excellence in Geometry, Crystal Zheng            

Excellence in Advanced Geometry, Daniel Serpa, Madeleine Bengtsson

Excellence in Honors Geometry, Isabella Clarke                        

Excellence in Pre-Calculus, Lauren Boyd, Riley Yuhas

Excellence in Honors Pre-Calculus, Kate Howell,  Nathaniel Porterfield

Excellence in Pre-AP Calculus, Leo Neville, Willa Welch

Excellence in AP Calculus (AB), Jack Holmes      

Excellence in AP Calculus (BC), Joseph Serpa, Peter Burke

Excellence in Probability and Data Analysis, Maria Vitória De Oliveira    

Excellence in Financial Literacy, Brooke Crocker

Excellence in Statistics, Chloe Combra             

Excellence in AP Statistics, Abigail Hammarlund                           

The Segnem Egere Award for Excellence in Mathematics, Jaiden Edelman


Effort and Leadership in Math:                                                             

Grade 9, Margaret Bernard, Eduardo Marques, Julia Sayre           

Grade 10, Edward Cherry, Emilia Felix                    

Grade 11, Margaret Sykes, Eric Reubens, Kaya Seiman

Grade 12, Olivia Schroeder, Wilson Riley, Imani Hall


Project Vine Awards, presented by Dani Charbonneau

Vintage Award: The PV student who shows the most excellence in academic work,  Emilia Felix

Vine Friday Hero: The PV student who brings the most spirit to Vine Fridays, Tarhil (“Ty”) Mathew

Strongest Shoulder: The PV student who helps their peers through tough times, Madeline Youmans

“Rookie” of the Year: The PV student in their first year in the program who shows the most promise of doing great things with their time here, Matthew Moore


Performing Arts, presented by Abigail Chandler

Excellence in Band, Anne Culbert                                                      

Excellence in Chorus, Emily Mello                                                         

Excellence in Orchestra, Paige Pogue, Spencer Pogue                                       


Excellence in Drama:                                                                                 

Excellence in Acting, Anne Culbert, Jaiden Edelman, Bella Giordano, Skylar Hall, Ruby Suman

Excellence in Stage Management, Violet Cabot                                                          


Department Award, Skylar Hall                                                         

Department Service Award, Violet Cabot                                                       


Effort and Leadership in the Performing Arts:                                                           

Grade 9, Madeleine Bengtsson, Annabelle Brothers, Jack Crawford, Ava McGee           

Grade 10, Ashley Brasefield, Tenley Brooks, Emmett Favreau                         

Grade 11, Kaya Seiman                                                                              

Grade 12, Wyatt Belisle, Simone Davis, Caitlin McHugh                                      

Jim Novak Where the Heck Did That Come From? Award, Benedict Yancey               


Physical Education, presented by Kathy Perrotta

Effort and Leadership in Physical Education:                                                     

Grade 9, Madeleine Bengtsson, Paige Anderson, Camden Napior, Hanna Santos

Grade 10, Kaleb Hatt, Colin McNamee                                       

Grade 11, Hemilly Nascimento, Ethan Creato, Aiden Marek       

Grade 12, Taylor Trudel, Indigo Giambattista, Lauren Boyd      


Science, presented by Michael Joyce

Excellence in Biology, Jack Crawford, Sophia Kokoszka               

Excellence in AP Biology, Isabella Thorpe   

Excellence in Chemistry, Madeline Chronister, Henry D’Andrea, Harding Eville

Excellence in AP Chemistry, Leo Neville  

Excellence in Earth Science, Annabelle Brothers                                                

Excellence in Physics, Parker Ben David, Jack Holmes, Max Potter

Excellence in AP Physics, Peter Burke, Jaiden Edelman               

Excellence in Marine Biology, Miles Wolff   

Excellence in Anatomy and Physiology, Molly Carroll                                        

Excellence in Green Engineering, Thomas Smith                                              

Excellence in AP Environmental Science, Willa Welch                                      

Excellence in Physical Science, Emily McKinney                                                 


Effort and Leadership in Science:                                                                     

Grade 9, Nikola Nikolov, Julia Sayre          

Grade 10, Tenley Brooks, Atlas Zack         

Grade 11, Matthew D’Andrea, Marcellus Rubio, Chloe Combra      

Grade 12, Catherine Cherry, Imani Hall, Chloe Hoff


National Honor Society spring inductees, presented by Alex Rego and Jack Holmes

Seniors, Julia Gomes, Stephany Ribeiro                                                                              

Juniors, Chloe Combra, Aiden Marek, Molly Menton, Dylan Burke, Felix Colon, Trent Bilodeau, Brooke Crocker, Lauren Voorhees   

NHS Teacher of the Year Award, Melissa Braillard


National Merit Scholarship Award, presented by Ericka Mulvey

Jaiden Edelman 


National School Development Council Awards, presented by Dr. Matthew D’Andrea 

Peter Gillis

Zachary Smith 


Book Awards, presented by John Fiorito

Harvard University, Peter Gilllis

Smith College, Ruby Reimann 

Dartmouth College, Ethan Creato

Saint Michael’s College, Maria Clara Lacerda, Max Potter

University of Notre Dame, Eric Reubens 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Finley Monahan

George Washington University, Zachary Smith

Suffolk University, Owen Atkins

Western New England University, Nathaniel Porterfield

Lasell University, Willa Welch


Top 20 in the Class of 2020, presented by Sara Dingledy

  1. Jaiden Edelman
  2. Joseph Serpa
  3. Alexandra Rego
  4. Peter Burke
  5. Spencer Pogue
  6. Owen Favreau
  7. Imani Hall and Jack Holmes
  8. Abigail Hammarlund
  9. Rose Herman
  10. Vito Aiello
  11. Kieran Karabees
  12. Paige Pogue
  13. Katherine O’Brien
  14. Nicole deBettencourt
  15. Catherine Cherry
  16. Molly Carroll and Anne Culbert
  17. Chloe Hoff
  18. Molly Pogue and Ruby Suman


Class Essayist, Alexandra Rego

Salutatorian, Joseph Serpa

Valedictorian, Jaiden Edelman


Presidential Scholar Award, presented by Sara Dingledy

Jaiden Edelman


President’s Awards, presented by Barbara-jean Chauvin

President’s Award for Educational Excellence: Jaiden Edelman, Joseph Serpa, Alexandra Rego, Peter Burke, Spencer Pogue, Owen Favreau, Imani Hall, Jack Holmes, Abigail Hammarlund, Rose Herman, Vito Aiello, Kieran Karabees, Paige Pogue, Katherine O’Brien, Nicole deBettencourt, Catherine Cherry, Molly Carroll, Anne Culbert                     


President’s Award for Educational Achievement: Chloe Hoff, Molly Pogue, Ruby Suman, Lauren Pagliccia, Danielle Middleton, Hannah Rabasca, Emily Mello, Kenneth Hatt, Julia Dostal, Juan Sanchez Roa, Annabelle Cutrer, Kya Maloney, Dashiell Christy, Thea Keene, Caitlin McHugh Colby Zarba, Molly Baldino, Aleksandra Lakis, Chesca Quinlan-Potter, Megan Zeilinger, Violet Cabot, Simone Davis, Caroline Hurley, Olivia Schroeder, Pandora Bassett, Bella Giordano, Thomas Hopkins, Linda Borges, Emily Gazzaniga, Jeremy Regan, Wyatt Belisle, Vivian Surprenant, Morgan Estrella, Melissa Lacerda, Ava Vigneault, Christopher Ferry, McMahon Sykes, Ayanna Fhagen-Smith


MVRHS Character Awards, presented by Nell Coogan, Erin Slossberg, Jeremy Light, and Dhakir Warren


COMMUNITY — Students who recognize the benefits of being part of a community and who take responsibility for their own impact on others. Recognize the rights of others and the common good. Engage with diverse perspectives. Understand, accept, and value diversity.

Grade 9 Community Award

Nathan Cuthbert, Juliet Morse, Julia Sayre, Cali Giglio, Terrence Lett

Grade 10 Community Award

Hiaggo Gonçalves, Kailaine de Oliveira, Alison Custer, Graham Stearns, Anabelle Biggs, Vitoria Da Trindade

Grade 11 Community Award 

Nate Sawyer, Max Potter, Kaya Seiman, Ana Clara Lopes, Zach Smith, Willa Welch

Grade 12 Community Award

Jackson Pachico, Emily Gazzaniga, Skylar Hall, Spencer Pogue, Lauren Boyd, Jada Randolph, Violet Cabot, Vitoria Krasa, Thea Keene, James Murray, Caitlin McHugh


CURIOSITY — Figure out what type of learning excites them, keeps them engaged, and makes them happy to wake up in the morning. Try new things. Pursue interests and passions until they are satisfied — not just to receive a grade or reward. Discover how their interests and hobbies can translate into the world of high school, life, and work.

Grade 9 Curiosity Award

Kinley Rinzin, Joe Ruzzo, Everthon Da Silva, Andressa da Trindade, Madeleine Bengtsson, Ava McGee

Grade 10 Curiosity Award

Henry D’Andrea, Sam Fetters, Emmalee Maciel, Kyra Wildanger, Connor McGrath

Grade 11 Curiosity Award

Ruby Reimann, Nandyeli Cristo, Margaret Sykes, Ethan Creato, Brooke Crocker, Eric Reubens, João Lucas Knupp

Grade 12 Curiosity Award

Imani Hall, Amelia Simmons, Wilson Riley, Josh Pinto, Juan Sanchez Roa, Tyla Packish, Skyla Harthcock, Paige Pogue, Kieran Karabees, Danielle Middleton, Nick Rosa, Vito Aiello, Gaby Carlos Silva, Gregory Clark


RESILIENCE — Those who are willing to accept and learn from disappointment. They manage and learn from discomfort. Stretch themselves. Believe that success is under their control. Practice the skill of moving forward and maintaining optimism. Self-advocate.

Grade 9 Resilience Award

Penelope Long, Hanna Santos, Aileen Mahoney, Lincoln Marino, Baylee Furtaw, Lucas Cacique

Grade 10 Resilience Award

Kayla Debettencourt, Ben Yancey, Edimar Lisboa, Lara Rebecca Correa-Silva, Kasarah Bruni

Grade 11 Resilience Award

Erick Miller, Hemilly Nascimento, Samuel Balbino, Braden Sayles, Michaela Benefit, Ellie Dolby

Grade 12 Resilience Award

Jack Holmes, Chris Ferry, Stephany Ribeiro, McMahon (“Tom”) Sykes, Chesca Potter, Chloe Hoff, Annabelle Cutrer, Megan Zeilinger, Melissa Lacerda, Ayanna Fhagen-Smith, Patrick Ribeiro, Jovanna Lowell-Bettencourt, Shelby Ponte, Lola Northrup, William Hermann


ACCOUNTABILITY — Proactively, independently get stuff done. Are present, engaged, on time. They manage themselves — don’t make it an adult’s responsibility. Maintain integrity — academic and personal. Accept consequences when poor choices are made. Don’t blame others. Step up and manage situations, even if not the cause. Play a leadership role in resolving problems.

Grade 9 Accountability Award

Graysen Kirk, Arthur Da Silva, Maya Tomkins, Andrea Morse, Rachel Arruda

Grade 10 Accountability Award

Nick Cranston, Ava Vought, Richard Guerra, Tenley Brooks, Ella Clarke, Jessie Dlabaj

Grade 11 Accountability Award

Nate Porterfield, Grace O’Malley, Owen Metell, Maria Clara Lacerda, Ana Clara Ribeira

Grade 12 Accountability Award

Solon Oliver, Jaiden Edelman, Peter Burke, Caroline Hurley, Catherine Cherry, Owen Favreau, Robe Della Torre, Pandora Bassett, Morgan Estrella, Joseph Serpa, Josh Sampaio, Madia Bellebuono, Alexandra Rego, Luke El-Deiry, Molly Carroll


COMPASSION — Avoid behavior that disrespects or devalues others. Respond to things that hurt others. Support other community members. Actively help others, and contribute to the community.

Grade 9 Compassion Award

Wadeline Florime, Hannah Murphy, Kaio Da Silva, Iesha Mayberry, Rayane da Silva, Margaret Bernard

Grade 10 Compassion Award

Andrew Da Silva, Anthony Dias, Ingrid Moore, Ella Buchert, Engracia Scheller, Maikon Souza

Grade 11 Compassion Award

Aden Ross, Hope Bettencourt, Hilary Rodrigues, Samuel Seidel-Aldrich-Moodie, Colleen Carroll, Danielle Oteri

Grade 12 Compassion Award

Bella Giordano, Julia Gomes, Taylor Hughes, Simone Davis, Ava Vigneault, Jenaleigh Griffin

Katherine O’Brien, Maria Vitoria De Oliveira, Rose Herman, Evanna Quinn, Anthony Chick, Hunter Athearn, Hillary Lemos, Molly Pogue, Riley Yuhas, Ian Amodio