Bottle redemption set to reopen Friday

Nickel for your thoughts. Redemption centers reopen Friday.

Enforcement of beverage container redemption requirements will begin in two phases, according to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).

MassDEP and the Attorney General’s office temporarily suspended enforcement of beverage redemption requirements for retailers across the state on March 18. 

The first phase of enforcement will resume at retailers using reverse vending machines (RVMs) on June 5. The second phase will resume at retailers accepting over-the-counter containers on June 19.

Bottle redemption services will be required to have customers and employees wear masks or face coverings, post signage to remind customers to practice social distancing, mark six-foot lines on the floor, limit bottle room occupancy, and disinfect machines before they are emptied. A full list of guidance for essential services operation can be found at

Customers may be limited to redeeming no more than 120 containers at a time. Customers wanting to redeem more than 120 containers are encouraged to use a redemption center with a capacity to manage large volumes efficiently and effectively. All containers must be free of product and rinsed out.

Our Market and Your Market are the only two registered bottle and can redemption centers on the Island. A full list of registered redemption centers can be found online at